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Offering your condolences in SpanishSpanish condolencesWhat it meansLo sientoI’m sorryLo siento muchoI’m an extremely sorrySiento mucho su pérdidaI’m so sorry for your loss (formal)Siento mucho tu pérdidaI’m so i m really sorry for your loss (informal)Lo lamentoI sympathizeLamento su pérdidaI sympathize with/regret your loss (formal)Lamento tu pérdidaI sympathize with/regret her loss (informal)Mis sentidas condolenciasMy deep condolencesAcabo de enterarme de esta triste noticiaI simply heard about the sad newsTe acompaño en este momento de dolorI stand alongside you in this moment of painSabe que cuenta con mi apoyoYou have the right to depend on my supportPuede contar conmigo para lo que necesiteYou deserve to depend on me for anything you needComparto tu dolorI share her painComparto tu penaI share your sorrowSiempre es triste __It is constantly sad come __Pido a Dios que dare dé fortalezaI asking God to offer you strengthEra una gran personaThey to be a great personLa muerte llega cuando menos la esperamosDeath comes as soon as we least expect itMi más sentido pésameMy deepest condolenceTe doy mi pésameI give you mine condolencesEstoy de lutoI am in mourningQué en paz descansa (QEPD)Rest in peace (RIP)Qué descansa en paz (DEP)Rest in tranquility (RIP)
23 ways to market your condolences in SpanishWe all hope to never need to use them, however unfortunately that is all yet an inevitability the we will someday need to say “I’m sorry for your loss” in Spanish. The ideal that we have the right to hope to carry out is come be all set with a genuine and tactful offer of condolences to assist our loved ones v their grief. This perform of Spanish condolences is a an excellent place come start.

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Consider asking your Spanish-speaking friends and family members what helped acquire them v a an overwhelming time. To be there human being that to be a particular source of comfort and also sanctuary? What walk they say and how walk they act? This real insight can be invaluable in positioning yourself to it is in a true comfort at a time when you are many needed.More links:Free Spanish audiobooks because that beginnersHow to say “Thank you” in SpanishHow to say “I Love You” in Spanish
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