If you space planning on purchase a golf cart – or simply transporting one around, friend do must be mindful of the dimensions that this vehicle.How broad is a golf cart? What is the height?

At the really least, friend should have the ability to answer the concern how large is a golf cart. Interesting way enough, even human being in the sector know very small about this carts.

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Dimensions that a Golf Cart

There is actually quite a little bit to understand around the dimensions of a golf cart. To do it simpler to comprehend, the details have actually been damaged down right into several sections. Here is a compilation the what you should be aware of several factors.

How vast Is A Golf Cart?

A common golf dare – the is expected to seat two people – will be around 4 feet large or 48 inches.

Here room all Golf dare sizes:

width: 4 feet / 1.2 metersheight: 6 feet / 1.8 meterslength: 8 feet / 2.4 meters

Golf carts that have actually been designed come hold 4 or an ext people would normally be more comprehensive than this.


Now, usually, a golf cart is a small narrower in the front 보다 at the back. As a result, the spacing in between the front wheels is approximately 33.5 inches. The distance between the rear wheels is around 38 inches. Therefore, that is the chair or the gear platform that is about 48 inches.

As mentioned, the over widths space the market average. However, if you were to look in ~ the carts the are readily available by renowned manufacturers, there is fairly a little bit of fluctuation here. Because that instance, the narrowest golf cart that you can uncover will be around 47 inches. The widest is approximately 58 inches.

What space the size of a traditional golf dare seat?

This relies on the model. Our experiment seat is like this -> bottom: 38 x 19 x 4.5

Can a golf cart fit in a truck bed?

If her truck is big and vast enough then more than likely yes.

Can a golf dare pull a trailer?

Are friend interested in towing through your golf cart? This depends on the size and weight. A golf dare can bring 4 or 6 human being so there is no factor why it shouldn’t be able to pull an empty trailer together well.

Understanding average Golf cart Size

In plenty of instances, golf cart dimensions are discussed in regards to “average”. This way that, for the most part, manufacturers depend on a certain collection of measurements when building their carts. In ~ the same time, though, there is quite a bit of variation among the models.

So, if you were to do comparisons, friend would discover that the average golf cart size and also dimensions will certainly vary depending upon a number of different factors. This could include engine type, dare weight, or in its entirety carrying capacity. Thus, the is essential for friend to constantly check the individual dimensions of any kind of car that you wish to acquisition or move.

How lengthy is a Golf Cart?

Above we’ve currently answered how broad a golf cart in reality is. Lets see exactly how long it is.

The average size of a golf vehicle is about 8 feet or 96 customs long. Once again, this is the measurement because that a two-seater cart. Due to the fact that there space carts that deserve to seat approximately 6 people – and also carry equipment also – these would be considerably longer.

There are actually rather a variety of different things to think about when looking in ~ the length of a golf cart. These measurements need to be in line v the rest of the dimensions to ensure the the cart is stable and steady, specifically when over there are civilization or cargo ~ above board.


Typically, the distance between the front and also the behind wheels are around 65.5 inches. Top top the various other hand, the actual length of the auto from the prior wheel come the ago seat is about 92.5 inches. Now, in countless instances, there is some type of barrier that help to keep the equipment stable. Once these space present, the size of the golf dare is propelled to 96 inches.

If girlfriend were in search of a smaller cart, climate you would find that among the shortest models the manufacturers offer is around 94 inches. ~ above the other finish of the spectrum, over there are six seat carts that measure roughly 160 inches.

How high is a Golf Cart?

The height of a golf cart is measure up in 2 ways. The an initial is from whereby the tires touches the ground come the steering wheel. The average height for this aspect is 47 inches. The other height is native the ground come the uppermost component of the golf cart roof. This measures in at approximately 67 inches.

It should also be listed that there room some golf carts that don’t have actually roofs. In this instances, the manufacturer will mention the distance from the ground to the steering wheel only. This golf carts room usually in between 46 inches and also 50 inches off the ground.

The golf carts v roofs have actually quite a bit more options 보다 this. It is not inexplicable to have actually golf carts the be together tall together 82 inches.

What dimension Are conventional Golf dare Tires?

This is the information we found on this site:

Most tire sizes space in the following format: 18×8-10. The very first number, 18, is the complete diameter the the tire – just how tall the is in inches from height to bottom. The second number, 8, shows how plenty of inches large it is. The critical number, 10, is the size of the facility of the tires – in other words, what size wheel will certainly fit the tire. Therefore, one 18×8-10 tires is 18″ tall, 8″ wide, and also can fit a 10″ wheel.

Golf cart Ground Clearance

There is one measurement of golf carts that frequently doesn’t have an “average” measurement. This is for ground clearance. Together the surname suggests, ground clearance is the distance between the ground and also the floorboards of the cart.

Usually, many golf carts have actually a ground clearance of approximately 4.5 inches. However, this can go up over 5 inches, depending on the make and model. Girlfriend should additionally be conscious that golf cart owners have the choices of “lifting” their carts to increase this ground clearance also further.


This lifting have the right to be excellent when motorists wish to ride top top rougher terrain. Or when golf vehicle drivers would like to increase the overall stability that the cart. In this case, these individuals have the alternative of increasing their cart around 3 to 6 inches more off the ground.

Golf cart Garage Dimensions

Depending ~ above the dimension of her gold cart you can conveniently calculate the size you require for the golf dare garage. Take the dimension of your golf cart and add 2 meter to every side.

Don’t forget to leaving some room for her golf irons.

Golf dare Weight and also Weight Capacity

Finally, there is the golf cart weight. Here, there really isn’t an sector standard. The load of a golf cart will count on the materials used, any kind of accessories added, and how many human being the cart is claimed to hold.

Therefore, most carts have the right to hold between 500 and also 1000lbs in weight. Together a result, these carts are capable of holding increase a merged weight of around 600 come 800lbs. Of course, this is for smaller sized golf carts that are meant to hold 2 come 4 people. Make certain the dare is large enough if you have several golf travel bags.

If the golf dare were constructed to hold about six individuals or lots of equipment, it would have a higher capacity. Thus, it wouldn’t be inexplicable to find golf carts that are capable of transferring over a 1000lbs in weight.

Standard Golf cart Dimensions

There you have it. Now you recognize how large a golf cart is.

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These space the most essential dimensions the a golf cart that you need to be aware of. These will come in advantageous whether friend would prefer to acquisition a golf dare or merely wish to transport one. One of two people way, you have to make that a allude to pay attention to the info mentioned above.