Normally once you order concrete it will come in a behind discharge mixer uneven you request a front discharge or conveyor. The average mixer weighs roughly 30,000 – 37,000 lbs empty approximately 76,000 lbs loaded and also will have actually 3 axles emotional the ground once on site. If your website is muddy, loosened sand or steep terrain you will probably want to think about a prior discharge with all wheel drive.

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-Rear drive Rear Discharge Mixer 30-74000lbs, Minimum truck height 11’8″ (if requested) to 12′ 2″ size of truck axle increase 28-32 ft, 8 foot width(9 come clear) 19ft the chute. Max chute height 5 ft dependent on slump and length.

-All Wheel journey Front Discharge Mixer 32-76000lbs, Minimum truck elevation 12″2-13″2 size axle up 38-42 ft , 8 foot width (9 to clear) 21 feet the chute. Max chute elevation 6 ft dependency on slump and length.

-Rear drive Mixer placed Conveyor 32-68000lbs, Minimum truck height 13″3 length Length 30ft, 8 foot width(12 to clear outrigers) check out below.

Front and Rear Discharge Maximum volume 10 Cubic Yards (dependent on roadway conditions, truck type, concrete form etc. Call for inquires)

Mixer placed conveyor Maximum volume 7 Cubic Yards (dependent on roadway conditions, van type, concrete kind etc. Call for inquires)

*We reserve the ideal to refuse any type of order that does not abide by local road load restriction laws and also any damage done by a mixer to an existing driveway since of weight.

We currently have a Theam mixer placed conveyor that can reach jobs of 55 feet. Good for doing any kind of job that requires more than the 21ft the chute length of a common truck. Conserve time and also money v low rental rates and get your job completed faster. These conveyor trucks carry concrete through them and have a smaller sized setup area compared to our big conveyors or a pump truck. And the little footprint they deserve to discharge absent making drain tile approximately basements a breeze. An ext trucks deserve to discharge onto the Theam conveyor by placing themselves follow me side or surrounding to the belt. Make certain that minimum 20ft width on your jobsite is available to accommodate lot of trucks.Maximum with 55ft come tiresMaximum Discharge elevation 25ft (depending on slump)Maximum Discharge price 75 cu yds/hr (depending top top slump)



If her looking for more reach 보다 are smaller conveyors we have actually an 80 foot Putzmeister Telebelt conveyor only truck. This maker will place concrete easily at over 150yds every hour making it right for bigger jobsites. This truck will likewise place all type of material. Through a hopper attachment you deserve to load v a bobcat, tiny loader or excavator even with your very own sand or gravel.

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If 80ft is not sufficient we additionally have a Putzmeister Telebelt 105ft conveyor truck. It features the very same abilities the the 80ft through a larger footprint.