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Recreating Geri"s tutorials and articles prior to his site acquired wiped out. Riches of info in it!-----This is a tiny description on just how to find values in flash gamings generally. The does not cover the indict on how to discover values, only the part which is unique to flash games.First of all, flash gamings are working differently from other games, so the normal pointer, password injection methods and so on will not work right here (or at least not as You would expect). CE is by far not the best choice to hack a speed game, the is why universal flash trainers to be created. I rarely play and also hack speed games, for this reason this is no a experienced tutorial, simply some techniques that you may try if You are stuck.Because most of the users room thinking around Flash gamings that they work as typical games, ns will define it in a couple of words what is the difference. If girlfriend hack a regular game, You simply start the exe file, 보다 You perform the normal hacks and also when You acquire back, the code will stay the same. The exe document is no changing. Yet if You upgrade the game, of course the exe record will change in the new version and You will need to make one more trainer based upon the new codes (or use AOBscan but that is a "special" method). So how are flash games working? typically You begin the browser, the internet browser will load the speed player plugin and the speed player plugin will run the swf file. So when You shot to hack the game, You shot to hack the web browser or speed player, i beg your pardon is using the swf file. Currently if You shot to make a trainer, You will obviously have to think about this question: will other human being use precisely the exact same browser and flash player plugin as me no to mention web browser updates and other kind of plugins and also system materials which is regarded the browser? Well, not. Their browser will be different at least in one little thing, the codes and also pointers will certainly be various on their computer systems so the idea of do a working trainer i beg your pardon is based upon code injection or needle is typically screwed. The is just like everyone would use a unique version the the game which is different from Yours. Every You deserve to do is come make some pointers i m sorry will work with Your internet browser on Your computer system at least until you don"t upgrade or download anything in it, or You have the right to use AOBscan to write a manuscript which is looking for certain codes and adjust them v code injection. Utilizing code injection through flash games is lot harder for this reason if You choose that method, You have to be really good. Now allows continue...Important keep in mind from CE"s creator (DarkByte):If you"re utilizing firefox and want to usage Cheat Engine top top a browser game, then open plugin-container.exe instead of the firefox process. (That process will only exist when the game has already been started)If You desire to discover a value in a flash video game with CE, these room the main methods that room usually working:1. Search for the worth as a "4 byte" value. This is basic enough and also it is working with most of the new games which has been written in AS3.2. Find for the value as a "Double type" value. Some older flash gamings are using double type worths to save the variables.3. Find for the worth as a "4 byte" value, however multiply the value with 8 once You search for it. For example You have 100 gold in the game, then You should search because that 800. If you have uncovered it and You want 10000 gold, You require to readjust it come 80000. If You form in a value which cannot be divided with 8, most likely You will crash the game.4. Remember there is an option in CE to search for ALL value types, for this reason if you don"t have a clue, try it out. It may be Double, 4 byte, whatever.5. Some gamings are always an altering the address of the values, in this case You require to uncover the value from 1 search. Many of this games are multiplying the value v 8, so You should use the 3rd method, but You have actually only one shot in ~ it to uncover it and also the attend to will be moved. You also need to stop the video game with CE to protect against the game from moving the attend to elsewhere until You find it and readjust it. To stop the process, click on "Advanced options" at the bottom of CE and click top top the pause button. Then find for the value and if You uncover it, adjust it. If not, or You have actually too many results, try it again. Typically the enlarge the number the You search for, the less results will certainly be. For instance if You find for 8, friend will have tons the results. If You find for 3635384, You will certainly have much less, most likely only a few (or maybe only one an outcome which is the best).6. Some games are making use of encryptions to safeguard the game from hackers. In this case, You deserve to still search for unknown value and also changed/unchanged values. Probably You will discover what girlfriend seek.That is all I deserve to recommend because that now.Just a small addition for individuals who have downloaded the new CE 6.0 already.A practice scan manuscript made through Dark Byte. The multiplies the values through 8 automatically. Valuable for some flash games where the values are multiplied.You can include this manuscript to CE 6 this way:1. Right-click top top the Value type field.2. Select "Define new custome kind (Auto assembler)"3. Delete every little thing from the home window and copy-paste this script.4. Click on OK.Now You have a new value kind in the list which is an excellent for flash gamings where the value is multiply by 8. Girlfriend just kind in the values as You watch themin the game and it will be multiply by CE automatically.The script:alloc(TypeName,256)alloc(ByteSize,4)alloc(ConvertRoutine,1024)alloc(ConvertBackRoutine,1024)TypeName:db "Flash *8 type",0ByteSize:dd 4//The transform routine should hold a routine that switch the data to an nteger (in eax)//function asserted as: stdcall int ConvertRoutine(unsigned char *input);//Note: store in mind the this routine can be called by multiple threads at the exact same time.ConvertRoutine:<32-bit>push ebpmov ebp,esppush ecxmov ecx,//at this allude ecx consists of the attend to where the bytes room stored//put the bytes right into the eax registermov eax, //second fun fact, addressing through 32-bit registers doesn"t work-related in 64-bit, it becomes a 64-bit automatically (most that the time)shr eax,3 //shift best by 3 bits (divide by 8)//and now leave the routine<64-bit>ret<32-bit>pop ecxpop ebpret 4//The convert ago routine should organize a regime that counter the given integer back to a heat of bytes (e.g as soon as the user wats to compose a new value)//function claimed as: stdcall void ConvertBackRoutine(int i, unsigned char *output);ConvertBackRoutine:<32-bit>push ebpmov ebp,esppush edx //save the registerspush ecxmov edx,mov ecx,//at this point edx consists of the deal with to compose the value to//and ecx has the value//ok, conserving the initial bits is currently not in, however when that is uncomment the comment linespush eax//push edx//mov edx, //edx now includes the original value//and edx,7 //only save the an initial 3 bitsmov eax,ecx //eax gets the user input valueshl eax,3 //shift left through 3 bits (multiply by 8)//or eax,edx //add the bits that the initial value//pop edxmov ,eax //write the new value right into the old valuepop eax<64-bit>//everything is earlier to what that was, so exitret<32-bit>//cleanup firstpop ecxpop edxpop ebpret 8Peace!Geri