If you desire to have actually a decorative piece in her home, or at the very least keep track of the day/night cycle in your world, you need to make a clock. A clock will certainly visually represent what time it is by slow cycling in between a blue, sunlit background, and a black, moonlit background. You can simply host the clock to view what time your human being is in, however you can additionally place that in things frame to do a cosmetic feature in your home. This guide will show you exactly how to make a clock in Minecraft, just how to review a clock, how to location a clock ~ above the wall, and also the supplies of a clock in Minecraft. 

How to make a Clock in Minecraft?

Materials Required:

In order to make a clock, friend will require the adhering to items. 

4 yellow Ingots1 Redstone DustCrafting Table

Step-by-Step process to make a clock in Minecraft

To make a clock, you just need to location gold in a “+” shape in her crafting menu and also replace the middle-most slot through Redstone dust. You need to do for this reason on a do table, together the constant crafting list is not large enough. 


To acquire the compelled ingredients, girlfriend will require to have actually at the very least an iron pickaxe to obtain the yellow ore necessary. First, gain an stole pickaxe by put 3 stole ingots in the height row of her crafting table, and also place 2 sticks below the top middle column. 

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Once her pickaxe is prepared to go, girlfriend will need to situate gold ore. Yellow ore starts to generate listed below “Y” level 31. Look at underground and also eventually, you will run right into the gold speckled ore. 

While you space down here, look because that Redstone ore together well. Redstone ore looks comparable to gold ore, however the color is red. The will likewise glow as soon as you to walk on peak of the or to win it with anything. Luckily through Redstone ore, you perform not need to smelt the ore, it will drop as dust once you break it through an steel pickaxe or better. 


Once you have 4 gold ore acquired, you have the right to smelt the ore by placing the in a furnace. It will take about 10 secs to scented your gold ore into ingots. After your 4 yellow ingots are ready and also you have some Redstone dust, you can craft your clock at a crafting table. 

That’s every you must craft a clock in Minecraft. 

How to read a Minecraft Clock

It is very simple to read a clock in Minecraft. The will always display visually whereby in the day/night bike the civilization is in. You deserve to read that by holding the in her inventory and also checking the moment on the clock, or you can hold the in her hand. 


Reading indigenous left to right, if the left next of the clock is dark, that way night is fallout’s over her world. If the entire clock is black, your human being has reached midnight. This is as soon as the night is halfway over, and also the moon in the middle of the sky. 

Likewise for daytime, if the left side of the clock is blue, the sunlight is start to rise. 


When the bulk of her clock is showing a blue background, that way that that is noon or midday. Half of the daytime is unable to do at this point, the sun is in the center of the sky, and it will quickly turn earlier to nighttime. 

Knowing this, you can plan ahead for any kind of overworld adventures to prevent just how much time you spend at nighttime. If her goal is come hunt mobs, you deserve to keep one eye on her clock come see exactly how much nighttime you have left. A most what the clock provides will be details to your needs at that suggest in time. 

Placing a Clock on the wall in Minecraft

It is very simple to location a clock on the wall surface in Minecraft. You will just need an item frame. To make things frame you will require 8 sticks and also 1 piece of leather. Look roughly a grassy area for organic cow spawns and kill enough cows for you to obtain 1 item of leather. 


Cows are not guarantee to drop leather, yet it is tho a relatively common drop. You need to not have actually much problem locating a piece of leather. After you have derived leather, you simply need 8 sticks. Friend will need 4 wooden planks, so simply 1 log will suffice. Breakdown a log into planks, and those planks right into sticks to acquire the sticks girlfriend need. 

Once you have actually leather and sticks ready to go, ar your leather in the middle-most slot of the do table and also surround the leather through sticks. Friend will gain the item structure you have to hang up her clock. 


Select your item structure in her Hotbar and right-click top top the wall surface you desire your clock to be on. I would recommend somewhere you cannot conveniently see the day/night cycle or merely somewhere near the exit of your house to see how early/late that is at the moment. 


Once her item framework is placed, pick your clock and also right-click top top the item frame to ar your clock in the frame. It will certainly still duty regularly and also gives the illustration of a wall clock in her home. 

That is all you need to hang up her clock in Minecraft. 

Uses of the Clock in Minecraft

There is not lot use come the clock beyond being able come tell the moment regardless of wherein you room in the overworld. Having actually a clock secret can assist you know when it is obtaining late in the night or at an early stage in the morning. It likewise behaves prefer a nice decorative item for any home to have. 


Having a clock inserted near her beds can assist you understand when you have the right to sleep together well.

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You have the right to sleep as soon as the moon begins to rise, so once the clock displays fifty percent of it as nighttime you can sleep. As described above, a clock will visually present you the day/night cycle as you space going about your business.