Roblox is a civilization in itself, with endless possibilities come create and play games. If you’ve to be a fan for part time, possibilities are it’s already a precious source of entertainment and an outlet for her creativity.

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Once you’re there, you’ll need to find and also delete all files connected with Roblox.

IMPORTANT: execute not delete any type of other records or folders other than those we’ll list here!

In Library/Caches find any kind of subfolder through Roblox in the name (i.e. Com.Roblox.Roblox) and delete it. Right here you have the right to remove the entirety subfolder.Do the same in Library/Logs.In Library/Preferences, you’ll need to discover all papers with Roblox in the name (i.e. Com.Roblox.Roblox.plist) and delete them.You deserve to remove the whole Library/Roblox folder.In Library/Saved applications State, uncover subfolders through Roblox in the name (i.e. Com.Roblox.Roblox.savedState) and delete those.

Once you’ve gone through all locations provided above, open up Trash to make sure there aren’t any type of other files and also folders in there. If Trash includes only items with Roblox in the name, you’re totally free to north it.

This will conclude the cleanup procedure and you deserve to rest assured that Roblox has been completely removed from your Mac.

Automatic Uninstall and also Cleanup

If the manual an approach is too much work, or you’re no comfortable with going through device folders on her own, nothing sweat it! there’s a huge number of third-party apps that have the right to do all the for you. Automatically uninstallers mainly work the same, no matter the brand name: you’ll must start the app, uncover Roblox in the perform of mounted programs, and also hit the Uninstall button.

After the key Roblox app is removed, the uninstaller will go through all the usual locations on your difficult drive and also find files that the uninstall process left behind. You’ll acquire to watch a perform of every orphaned records and, after ~ you give it the thumbs up, the uninstaller will certainly delete them. Note that no third-party app of this type will empty her Trash after that – you’ll have to take treatment of it yourself.

Do You have to Remove Roblox off your Mac?

You might currently be 100% certain that it’s essential to uninstall Roblox. If, however, you’re not, examine out this section!

If you find your copy that Roblox has difficulties running and you’d prefer to reinstall, probably you should shot some quick fixes first.

Check if her OS support Roblox – customer will run on 10.7 (Lion) and also above, while for Studio you require to have 10.10 (Yosemite) and above.Also, check your chipset. Ideal now, only Intel chipsets are supported.If friend can’t operation Roblox correctly or at every from Safari browser, shot another one.If Roblox won’t operation when introduced from the website, try launching that from Dock.Finally, if none of the above solved the problem, walk to Library/Preferences and delete every one of the com.Roblox documents (see step three in hand-operated Cleanup).

If Roblox tho isn’t functioning after you’ve tried every one of these fixes, the only option left will certainly be come reinstall.

Maybe you desire to clean up some room on her Mac.

If this is your factor for remove Roblox, do keep in mind that it’s an extremely light top top the resources. Possibly you should think about removing other files or apps that are an ext demanding before deleting Roblox.

Often, pictures, videos and other personal files can take increase a large amount of an are – conserving those ~ above a cloud server or external memory drive can take treatment of the problem.

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It’s no Goodbye

Whether you removing Roblox to reinstall, or for some system-related reason, one thing to mental is that your data and saves will certainly be secure in her Roblox account. Now that you know just how to delete Roblox off her Mac, you can confidently do your computer system maintenance.

Did you remove Roblox from your Mac? What to be the reason? Tell us in the comments ar below!