Follow along with Mermaid Phantom"s wonder adventures. Expect lots of talk around fairies, mermaiding, nature, an innovative DIY projects and also living a fairytale lifestyle. There will certainly be plenty of pictures, videos, and other fun stuff too! It"s a mermaid"s life because that me!


How to end up being a real Mermaid (Kinda)

Alright... Ns guess this write-up should be title "How to become a Mermaid OR Merman," yet whatever. As lengthy as you recognize you can be a mer-lady or a mer-gent then we"re good. You can be a merperson no matter your gender.

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OKAY. through that the end of the way, let"s gain to the good stuff. I"m beginning a "How to end up being a Mermaid" video series on YouTube. This is blog short article to sum up the FIRST official video clip of the series, which speak of 4 various ways you can unleash your inner mer. Woot woot!!! ns think I"m too excited around this video series...

Welcome come the 2018 Mermaid change Series! (Watch video Below)

What is the Mermaid collection about?

As girlfriend heard in the video clip above, this "Mermaid revolution Series" is all about helping you to become a mermaid! Originally, ns planned on having actually only 4 videos in the series... Yet there might or might not it is in a few bonus videos included on... Hehehe! We"ll see!

The an initial official video of the collection is a large overview the the various ways you deserve to "transform" yourself right into a mermaid (or merman). These include ways girlfriend can develop your "Mermaid Soul," and also ways girlfriend can adjust your appearance to announce come the human being that you are a merperson. The video clip below will go into all of the details, for this reason be sure to clock it and subscribe so the you don"t miss out on out top top the continuing to be videos in the series.

How to become a Mermaid: 4 means to change yourself into Mermaid (Watch video clip Below)

4 different Ways girlfriend can end up being a Mermaid or Merman

Did you watch the video? i hope so! it will more than likely do a much better job the explaining what I"m around to type about than I can describe through typing. (Have I confused you yet!?!?) In the above video, I mentioned that there are 4 means you can become a Mermaid or Merman. As I expect you i found it in the video, I separate the change methods into two various categories: Spiritual Mermaid Transformation AND Physical Mermaid Transformations.

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What does the mean? Well... I"m going to outline whatever for you listed below so that you can obtain a far better understanding that what ns mean and how you can finest go about making yourself into a sea miracle creature.


1. Carry out what Mermaids do!

And ns DO no mean smoke "Sea Weed" or "drink like a fish."Gosh. True mermaids carry out not execute stupid things prefer drugs or drink excessive quantities of alcohol!!! Those who do (humans and merms) have actually been misguided and have forgotten the their body and their spirit ARE perfect there is no the interference produced by together unnecessary mind-altering substances.Pity those who partake in recreational medicine use, however do not think the myth that "Real Mermaids acting Seaweed" or the mermaids have to drink tons of alcohol. OKAY! I"ll save that fire in my belly for an additional day!