Spotting the difference in between real gold and fake gold can be a small precarious. Sometimes, the appearance of jewelry will certainly look gold, yet it’s merely gold plated. There space plenty of odd methods that supposedly occupational to authenticate yellow at home. We’ve heard people ask, “What happens once you placed gold in bleach?” and “How to inspect if gold is real with a lighter.” because that safety’s sake, we don’t recommend either of those at-home yellow tests. So, what ACTUALLY works to check out if your gold is real or fake?

We’ve developed a simple 5-step process to help you call if her jewelry is made of real gold, every in the comfort of your own home.

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Use these at-home gold tests to authenticate your piece, however remember that none are entirely error-proof. The many reliable technique is to bring the gold right into a jeweler favor Leo Hamel’s and we’ll check it for you in minutes!

Keep in mind: even if you have a bunch of broken gold jewelry or scrap yellow lying around, it have the right to be very lucrative to sell!

Simple At-Home gold Tests:

1) Look for gold hallmarks

The quickest and simplest method to inspect the authenticity of your gold is to inspect the item for an main stamp. A magnifying glass might be advantageous for this step. The stamp will present the purity the the yellow in karats (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, or 24k) or fineness (1-999 or .1-.999).

Is 10k gold any type of good?

Pure yellow is 24k, when anything much less than 10k is not taken into consideration real yellow in the unified States. Store in mind the if the an larger piece, favor a yellow heirloom, the stamp may not be clearly shows anymore because of wear or vault repairs/work. It’s likewise important to realize that also fakes have the right to have one authentic looking stamp, for this reason you might need come investigate further than simply a intuitive inspection.

Another simple thing to look because that is discoloration. It’s not unexplained to discover discoloration native wear top top the edge of the piece or in locations that experience heavy friction—the an essential is what’s underneath the yellow that’s comes off. If wear reveals another metal underneath the yellow layer, your jewelry is more than likely gold plated, no 100% gold. Discoloration can likewise appear on her skin once wearing gold jewelry. If your jewelry leaves any kind of green or black color discoloration that is not genuine gold.

2) Is gold magnetic?

Gold is not magnetic. On the various other hand, imitation gold and other alloys are, therefore they will tempt a magnet. To do this at-home gold test, you’ll need a more powerful than mean magnet. A frozen fridge magnet might not be solid enough, for this reason look because that a better one in a hardware store, a woman’s purse clasp, or even children’s toys.

If the jewel in concern is attractive to the magnet, the not real gold. ~ above the upper and lower reversal side, just due to the fact that it’s not attracted come a magnetic material does no necessarily typical it’s real gold either—non-magnetic metals are offered in counterfeit piece too. You need to dig deeper through another an approach to test your gold’s authenticity indigenous home!

*Note- the is typical for the clasp on part gold jewel to be another metal as well as gold. Steer clean of the clasp top top your piece when trial and error with a magnet to prevent any type of confusion.


3) perform an mountain test to authenticate gold

This at-home gold test may be challenging since it have the right to be hard to acquire nitric acid and also there’s constantly risk connected when bringing any type of acid into your home. If friend do do this task, you have to wear a mask since this have the right to be a potential health hazard if not taken on properly. If you uncomfortable v this process, leave it come the professionals!

Many jewelers usage the nitric acid method to determine the authenticity of yellow jewelry. Autumn a little amount of nitric mountain onto the piece and look because that a reaction.

If the jewel is yellow plated, friend may have to make a tiny scratch in the steel to enable the acid to saturation the underlying metal.

If the mountain produces a environment-friendly reaction, the jewel in concern is most likely a base metal or gold plated. A white, milky reaction is most likely indicative of gold plating end sterling silver.

What you really desire to watch is no reaction at all—real gold need to not react as soon as it comes in call with nitric acid.

4) try the streak test v unglazed ceramic

Disclaimer: this method is a gamble due to the fact that there is the possibility of damaging your jewelry.

First, find or purchase a item of unglazed ceramic. If you execute not have actually one easily available, this deserve to be easily purchased at a home improvement store. Then, run the jewelry across the surface ar of the ceramic, leaving behind a streak that color.

Real gold will certainly leave a gold streak ~ above the ceramic, when fake yellow will develop a black streak.


5) weigh gold

Using a balance range (or any kind of scale the is able to measure tiny changes in weight—i.e. Her bathroom range will no work), weigh 2 pieces of yellow jewelry. Compare the piece in concern to a likewise sized piece that you’re certain is real gold.

Since yellow is lot heavier than almost all various other metals, you’ll have the ability to tell if her item is actual if it weighs around the same amount together the authentic piece you’re comparing the to.

This at-home yellow test can also be performed with water. Location your gold jewelry in a cup that water. Real gold is dense and also will immediately sink. Imitation yellow will simply float. Additionally, genuine gold will certainly not rust.

What if I want a skilled to study my gold?

All of this tests have the right to be performed in ~ home; some with more caution than others. However, nobody of these techniques are infallible. The best method to phone call if yellow is genuine or no is to have a trustworthy jewelry the person who lives take a look in ~ it. This way, you’re maybe to gain an moral assessment of your jewelry or watch from a competent gold buyer.

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Most jewelry stores charge a small fee to check if your gold is real, but Leo Hamel’s offers this service for free.

If you space in the mountain Diego an ar and would like your jewel or watches tested to view if castle are actual gold, fill out this web form or contact us at (619) 299-1500 and also we’ll advice it for free. If you took pleasure in this article about testing her gold to watch if it’s real, you re welcome share this on Facebook!