If friend haven’t tested the voltage regulator on her lawn mower, right here are tips on how to test a voltage regulator top top a lawn mower the you can easily follow.

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How To test A Voltage Regulator top top A Lawn Mower? | Pad Ourdoor

One the the most essential parts of your lawn mower is the voltage regulator. When it’s no running properly, then your battery will constantly die. That’s why it’s vital to know exactly how to check a voltage regulator ~ above a lawn mower.

Testing the voltage regulator will enable you to understand if the battery is working effectively or not. That way, you’ll understand whether you have to do a battery instead of or not. In this guide, we’re going to teach you exactly how to examine a voltage regulator on a lawn mower in simply a couple of steps.


What Is A Voltage Regulator?

If we were to compare a lawnmower come a car, we deserve to say the the voltage regulator works choose thealternator. Its role is come make sure that the electrical charge circulatesproperly earlier to the battery when the lawn mower is running.

When To test The Voltage Regulator that A Lawn Mower?

If you’re a beginner, friend probably have some type of perception the you should test her voltage regulator all the moment or at least regularly. Fortunately, you don’t should do that. Trial and error the voltage regulator doesn’t have to be a consistent thing. You just need to test it whenever needed.

When perform you need to test it,anyway?

Well, the only time you need totest the is if her battery constantly dies. Climate that means there might besomething wrong with it.

So, if you an alert that yourbattery is exhibiting part strange behavior, you have the right to start complying with the stepswe’ve laid the end below:

Lawn Maintenance: How To test A Voltage Regulator ~ above A Lawn Mower?

The cool thing around testing yourmower’s voltage is the you have the right to choose in between two methods. You deserve to either testit v the battery or the voltage regulator itself.

Let’s begin with the battery:

Get your multimeter or her voltmeter.Connect the hopeful read cable that the voltmeter come the confident terminal of the battery and also do the very same for the an adverse terminal.Turn on the switch a level just enough so the the headlights room turned on.Set her voltmeter to measure up volts.Check if the reading states 12 volts.Try to revolve it ~ above even much more and examine if the reading is 13 volts.If it has actually this kind of reading, then that way it’s good.

This is the battery method, as wecoin it. The other technique is known as the voltage regulator method. You’ll alsoneed your voltmeter because that this:

Find the voltage regulator and also connect the hopeful cable to the positive terminal (it’s the red cable).Do the very same for the an unfavorable terminal and also cable (the an unfavorable cable is the black color one).Turn ~ above the voltmeter and also switch the measurement come volts.Turn top top the mower’s headlights.For this part, you simply need to make certain that the voltmeter just has a reading.

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For the battery method, you needto make certain the voltage will somewhere in between 12 come 13 volts. If not, thenthere is certainly something wrong through the battery. As for the voltageregulator method, you just need to gain a reading. If over there is no reading, thenthere is something wrong through the generator itself.

In this kind of case, girlfriend mayneed come either resolve it or change it. You have the right to let a technician take it a look in ~ itif you’d like.


Learning how to check a voltage regulator on a lawn mower is one of the mostimportant points to know when you own a lawn mower. Why? This will tell girlfriend ifyour battery or generator is quiet in working mode. If it is not, then you canexpect her mower to always die. In order to do some diagnosis, you need toknow how to examine the current.

If you notice that her lawn mower keeps top top dying, the very first thing you must do is perform a voltage regulator check-up. Refer earlier to ours really quick guide to perform that. Friend can pick either among these methods or perform them both therefore you can be really certain of her findings.

Once you uncover out those wrong v your machine, climate you’ll recognize what decision you should make.