While a parrot doesn’t offer lot in utility or items favor a cow or chicken, and also definitely doesn’t administer protection like a wolf or a polar bear, it would certainly be a shame to not include such an pet to her collection. 


Where To find Them

It will certainly admittedly be a bit complicated to discover a parrot due to how rare they are. They only spawn in jungle biomes and also with 0.2 chance of them even spawning in the first place. 

Thankfully, due to how distinctive their colors can be together with the reality that they have tendency to it is in in groups it is not impossible to find them. Girlfriend can find them ~ above logs, pipeline or grass blocks in ~ the jungle biome. 


As is implied above, Parrots room passive animals, an interpretation that they will not assault even when they themselves space attacked. Rather when they take damage from anyone hostile towards them, they will certainly fly upwards to defend themselves. Eventually however they will certainly tire out and also have come fly back down again, leaving themselves delicate to future attacks. 

If they room slain by you, they will certainly drop one to three suffer points and one to 2 feathers. 

Keep in mind that parrots space not afraid of crowding about other creatures including mobs that room hostile come you. 

Parrots likewise have the ability to mimic particular noises, much like actual parrots. They have the right to imitate any type of mob in ~ a twenty block radius of your position and any noise the they do in imitation have the right to be discerned indigenous the original due to it gift at a greater pitch.

Parrots can likewise be checked out dancing close to a jukebox with a music disc inside, where they will visibly wiggle around in song with the music. 


They will execute this even when perched upon your shoulder. 

How come Tame

In a Nutshell

To tame a parrot, you’ll an initial have to uncover a stray cat. When you do, switch end to a melon seeds, seeds, pumpkin seed or beetroot seeds, slowly approach it and finally continue feeding the cat until hearts appear over its head. These hearts indicate the success the taming. You will likely need to feed that multiple time to finish the taming process.

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To tame a parrot you will certainly need virtually any kind of seed. The species that you have to pick from encompass wheat, melon, pumpkin, and beat seeds. At any time you feeding a parrot any one that these varieties of seeds, you have actually a one and three opportunity of taming the parrot. If at first it doesn’t work, simply keep trying until you lastly succeed.

Once you have your trained parrot, girlfriend will have actually a minimal number of points that friend can achieve with your brand-new pet. Like plenty of pets the you tame, a parrot will follow you until you press the use switch on lock which will command them to sit and also stay in place.

 Alternatively you can additionally have lock perch us on your shoulder by walking with them. In reality you also have the ability to stay parrots on your shoulders have to you desire it.

A parrot will certainly hop off of the football player shoulder have to the adhering to occur:

If the player takes damage.If they fall off a ledge that causes them to take it damage.If the player is in water no matter how deep.If castle sleep in a bed.If the player is in lava.

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Though a parrot might not add much worth in terms of the player’s survival, no one can say that they would not make worthwhile companions. Amongst the numerous pets the you are capable of having it is for sure to say that they are among the most colorful and unique.