You asked for high quality flat ago earrings for sure for perceptible skin, you wanted the level backs to it is in extra secure, and you want them to it is in affordable.

Done, done, and also done. ✅

Our flat earlier earrings room made that a medical grade titanium (so castle hypoallergenic and also safe for perceptible skin), they have actually an internally threaded style (you screw the top component into the backing, for this reason it’s extra secure), and we’re psyched come share them v you so friend can obtain the ear party you’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s what you must know around our flat ago earrings:

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What are Flat earlier Earrings?

Flat earlier earrings are precisely what they sound like: earrings featuring posts with level backs. With timeless earrings, you on slide them top top front to back, and also put a backing on come secure them.

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Through flat ago earrings, the the opposite. You put the flat earlier earring on indigenous the back of your ear, sliding the article through your ear towards the front.