Hi over there friends, this is my first time posting. In this clip is my constant talking voice, and also me once I actually try and sound like a guy. Ns am a infectious diseases world fashion guy and 3mo ~ above T, and also would appreciate any advice girlfriend can give me. Thanks!



Yoooo you sound adorable, your organic voice reminds me of exactly how teenage boys in cartoons typically sound, like voices complete of expression, energy and such. Several cis males that ns listen/talk to have a comparable voice to this. It appears to be a common voice among guys who are talented storytellers/singers. It's an "easy listening" voice, if that provides sense. (Sorry if this isn't what you to be going for)

I haven't started T or any sort the voice therapy yet yet I'm considering it currently that I'm seeing all the benefits it have the right to have :) Congrats on T, btw!

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Thank you for the compliment!!

Yeah T is precious it tbh, mine voice dropped a tiny in choose month 2, yet it's hope going to obtain deeper. But I likewise want to try to occupational on it. Ns hope you can gain on T soon!!

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Haven't listened to it yet, yet amab here and my best advice for trying to sound prefer a guy is to suck all the fun, joy, soul, melody, and also emotion out of your voice, speak through a consistent, relentless rhythm that provides it an overwhelming for anyone to obtain a native in edgewise, and also work on including emphasis by including intensity, fairly than by speak a word in a certain method to actually convey the point you're trying to emphasize. It also helps if you verbally berate and/or threaten the hell the end of her larynx in bespeak to break its spirit and also ensure it never ever tries to climb greater on you when you gain excited, in order to belying the fact that you space not in fact an emotionless slab of meat (none of united state amab men really are, but we have to keep increase images, right?)

End /s

Lol, I'll go listen to the now.

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Edit: ok, just listened choose 10 times and a the majority of what i said actually quiet stands, in less dramatic terms though.

You perform something that's an extremely common once people shot to artificially lower their voice, i beg your pardon is to add a lot of darkness (think favor a 'ho ho ho' deep ship kinda thing) but it just makes that sound unnatural and forced, like once a boy tries to sound like an adult. Part cis men naturally have actually a small bit that that, however it just works if the pitch matches it. The means you speak really is more important though. You really wanna alleviate the fluctuations in pitch. It might seem favor you're super monotone, however it's still reasonably bouncy.

You've totally got this though, and I don't think you really must do as much as you think you do, you're just concentrating on few of the wrong points at this point. Job-related on reducing key variation, keeping a comfortably low pitch without too lot darkness, and speaking with a an ext consistent, staccato rhythm, almost like her spitting the end the indigenous a small bit carelessly.

And please, take no violation at the sarcasm st the beginning. It's funny to me because, as a closeted mtf, ns remember consciously working on doing every these things to shot to make certain I sounded together masculine as possible in order come fit in. Together I work-related on developing a female voice I'm realizing an ext and an ext that a ton the what I have to do is all about unlearning the methods I taught myself to talk as a kid.

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I expect you pole around! us don't get many ftm people in below tbh, and it's quite to have actually a view from the other side that the board.