Roblox is a beautiful gaming platform wherein you can affix with human being by adding them together friends.

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Playing Roblox v your friend is an extremely enjoyable since you know each other. You can kind groups v them and become a component of the wonderful Roblox community.

Moreover, friend will also be able come chat through people global after becoming friends v them.


So, Why can’t I add someone ~ above Roblox?

You cannot include friends ~ above Roblox if you with the maximum limit. The maximum limit for adding friends is 200 unless you upgrade the video game to the premium version. Re-assure her account restriction choice from her Privacy Settings, and then try adding friends.

Keep Reading, Because, in this post, i am around to display you just how to make friends top top Roblox easily.

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How to discover Friends on Roblox

For recognize your renowned buddies, you have to import her contacts indigenous a cell phone device. If her friends have actually a Roblox account, castle will automatically be on your friend’s list. Even if castle don’t have actually an account, you have the right to invite them come download Roblox and also play through you by copying the URL from the tab, Invite Friends.

Feel secured, together no user have the right to see her phone number or an individual details. Roblox maintains strictly privacy by no sharing your contacts with any third parties.


Invite friends via call Requirements:

It would certainly be ideal if friend reside in the US.You must be 13 years or older.And girlfriend must have actually a mobile maker with minimum Android OS 7.0 or newer, or iOS 9.0 or newer.

After you meet the requirements, you need to log in to your Roblox account and go come settings. Click the Account information Tab and administer your mobile number and Email address.Once you are all set, refresh the page and go come Friends Tab. Grant Roblox permission to sync her contacts to discover friends. Tap the include button alongside the usernames come send a girlfriend request.

If her Roblox application closes mirroring Roblox error password 524 then be sure that it’s no a server error. Check whether Roblox is under today.

How to include Friends ~ above Roblox – PC, Xbox, & Mobile

It is fascinating to make new friends on a gaming platform. You deserve to play v each various other on a solitary server, chat, and explore the people together. The is choose a whole new experience to grab.

You are not alone if you space unable to include friends to your list. And also so, i am below to help you make brand-new friends ~ above Roblox.

There are countless ways Roblox players have the right to send a girlfriend request.

Despite getting to maximum limits, you deserve to add more friends if you unfriend among them from her friend’s perform or among them unfriends you. Inspect out some remarkable Roblox truth you might not know.

For PC

You can include friends top top Roblox in 2 ways. One is by including friends from the Roblox Homepage, and the other is by including inside the game. Both methods are comfortable come perform.

Here room the means to include friends on Roblox:

1. Add People native Roblox Homepage

For this method, you have to know the username of that person. You can see the username on optimal of the avatar’s head.


Here room the steps to add friends on Roblox PC:

Login to your Roblox account.Click top top the friend tab native the left side menu.Click on search and kind the username that that human being you desire to add to your friend’s list.Press on find for the Username in People and click on add Friend choice to send them a girlfriend Request.Type a blog post to aid that person remember you.Wait for the response. If the girlfriend request is accepted, that person gets added to her friend’s list.

Players seeing the girlfriend request will have actually two options. Accept or Decline. Inspect our separate short article on how you have the right to fix ROBLOX Error code 267 easily.

2. Usage the In-Game Feature

For this method, that is not necessary to recognize the specific username of that person. If you nothing remember, over there is an different option ~ above Roblox that allows you to add friends soon from any type of game.


Start any kind of Roblox video game by joining a server.Click top top the video game Menu located at the top left navigation bar.Select the include Friend switch with whom you want to be a friend.Wait because that the response.

For Xbox

Roblox ~ above Xbox does enable you to play with those on other platforms although, for Xbox platforms, friend cannot execute the same procedures as done on a PC. I recommend girlfriend to sign in to her Microsoft account on her Xbox maker and climate send a friend request.


Here space the steps to add friends on Roblox Xbox Edition:

Go come the home Page and also select mine games and also apps.Click on watch All > Apps > Microsoft Edge.Type in Roblox in the search bar and also log in to your Roblox account.Tap the Search switch on the height right edge and kind in your friend’s username to send a friend request.Wait for the response. You deserve to also add friends in-game, however this attribute is various for different games.

You may face ROBLOX error codes choose ROBLOX error code 610, ROBLOX error code 6, ROBLOX error password 279, etc.

For mobile Devices

You can include and send friend requests because that mobile tools too. If you desire to add friends native mobile devices, you should sign in with an e-mail account. You cannot include friends if friend play as a guest. Just you will have the ability to see one alias the you create on your profile page. Setup an Alias is a attribute to collection a nickname for her Roblox friend.

Once you authorize in, go to the friend’s tab and also click top top the search icon. Type the username the the player you want to add. Click on the include Person icon and also wait because that the response from the other end.You can also include friends inside a game. If playing any kind of game, click on the Three-dashed icon. You will see a bunch the usernames and also an option to add a friend. Click on include Friend come send a girlfriend request.

Sometimes girlfriend can’t include friends because the username girlfriend are searching for doesn’t exist anymore.

Also, examine our separate short article for solving Error password 277 on Roblox.

Add people in Roblox Xbox One native PC

Ever wondered why no Roblox incorporate PC and also Xbox servers for playing v each other?

They have actually this cross-platform feature, but you don’t know just how to make use of it.

For adding friends top top Roblox Xbox One from PC, go to settings > Account from her Xbox an equipment and permit Cross-Platform Play.

Remember to link your console Microsoft account through your PC. Climate switch to her PC and login with that same account, and add friends using their username.

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This procedure will automatically include friends to her Xbox an equipment as well. Play with your computer friends utilizing Xbox, login come Roblox utilizing Xbox and also go to your maker settings > Account and allow Cross-Platform Play.