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How to say morning in Japanese: Ashita

Learning Japanese for take trip or study? Let’s try this term:

To say morning in Japanese: AshitaSay it the end loud: “Ah Shee Tah

You can learn how to say tomorrow and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and phrases through our inexpensive, easy-to-use Japanese language cheat sheets. We can aid you do your following trip to one more country even an ext fun and also immersive. Click below!

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Some much more helpful words in our Japanese Time category:

business hrs – Eigyo Jikan (Sahn Jee Kahn)day after tomorrow – Asatte (Ah Satteh)one hour – Ichi Jikan (Ee Chee Jee Kahn)this night – Kon Ya (Kohn Yah)this morning – Kesa (Keh Sah)today – Kyou (Kyow)tomorrow – Ashita (Ah Shee Tah)two hours – NI Jikan (Nee Jee Kahn)when? – Itsu? (Ee Tsuh?)yesterday; critical night – Kinou ; Sakuya (Kee know ; Sah Koo Yah)you gained the time? – Jikan Ha Arimasu Ka? (Jee Kahn Wah Ah Ree fixed Kah?)

And here’s exactly how to say morning in other languages!

Arabic–Ghadan (ga dan)Chinese–Míngtiān (Ming Tyen)Croatian–sutra (sue truh)Czech–zítra (ZEE trah)Finnish–huomenna (hu oh guys nah)French–Demain (due mahn (faint n))German–morgen (mawr gun)Italian–Domani (doe mahn ee)Japanese–Ashita (Ah Shee Tah)Korean–Naeil (Nae Il)Polish–jutro (yoo" troh)Portuguese–Amanhã (ah guy yahn)Russian–zavtra (zah ftrah)Spanish–mañana (mahn yahn" uh)Swahili–kesho (keh shoh)Thai–Phrung Ni (proong nee)Turkish–yarin (yuh rin)Vietnamese–Ngày mai (Ngay My)

I"ll be getting here "tomorrow" (Ashita). Imagine not being may be to interact this to your host simply since you go not recognize the Japanese equivalent! Luckily, our instant accessibility to the Japanese Language collection has friend covered!

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