It is in reality a loanword.

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In modern Chinese language, there are a couple of words the originated native English. Because that instance, words for “go come hell: 狗带 (gǒu dài)” to be “phonetically” translated from English, and it sounds like “go die”. So, exactly how to speak “go die” in Chinese?

How come Say “Go Die” in Chinese? 狗 (gǒu dài) = walk to hell/Go die

(gǒu) means “dog”, but 狗带 (gǒu dài) has absolutely naught to carry out with dogs.

It has gone into popular consumption these days amongst youngsters because it sounds favor “go die”. You have the right to use the expression if you desire to call a girlfriend to “go to hell” in a half-joking manner. Definitely not recommended because that use when speaking with a stranger.

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