When you began to learn Korean, did you shot to teach your household members just how to say a few words in Korean? sometimes the best technique of learning oriental is come teach someone else, as it would average that you have to be an expert on everything you would certainly teach someone. We likewise know that it is a great review device for yourself. Earlier, we have actually learned exactly how to speak sister in Korean. Today, girlfriend will find out how come say brother in Korean.

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How come Say brothers in Korean

Remember that we had couple of methods of call sister, depending upon the sex of the caller that is calling the sister, and additionally it differentiates by even if it is it is an larger sister or younger sister. Brother is the same.

Here is just how to say brother in Korean: 형 if you space a boy, calling an older brother and also 오빠, if you space a younger female calling an larger brother. 남동생 have the right to be offered to contact younger brothers regardless that sex.

If girlfriend would favor to use the universal term because that ‘male sibling’, you can use the term형제 i m sorry literally converts to explain the relationship between two masculine sibling in Korean. Also, the hatchet 형, or 오빠 can be widely offered to refer to any type of slightly older male individual in oriental friendship. Finally, this explains why countless female idol fans would certainly love to speak to their favorite male idols ‘oppa’.

우리 오빠를 소개시켜 줄께. I will introduce my brother to you.

*note below that the brothers is introduce to an larger brother, and additionally you could guess the the speak is female, as she advert the older brother as 오빠.

우리 형은 나보다 두살 많아. My older brother is two years older 보다 me.

Note the the male older brother form 형 to be used and thus, we know that the speaker was younger male, relenten his larger brother.

Brother in oriental in the officially Way 

As we have mentioned previously, that is important to resolve the person in formal means of speak to show the respect in the direction of the other party. Therefore, you will see plenty of phrases have actually ‘yo’ attached at the end, which generally helps reforming the word right into a formal form of the phrase. However, as soon as describing sister in a officially way, over there are couple different means to explain them.

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If you are referring to an older brother in the official way, you would say 형님 as a younger masculine referring come older brother, and 오라버니 as soon as younger sister is respectfully introduce to an older brother. These days, these greatest respected forms are only used in classic Korean Drama.

Now the you know how to use the word ‘brother’ in various develops in Korean, you re welcome go and let your friends know how many 오빠 or 형 girlfriend have!