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How to say 80 in Spanish: ochenta

Learning Spanish for take trip or study? Let’s try this term:

To to speak 80 in Spanish: ochentaSay it the end loud: “oh chin tuh

You deserve to learn how to to speak 80 and also over 220 various other travel-friendly words and also phrases with our inexpensive, easy-to-use Spanish language cheat sheets. Us can help you do your following trip to an additional country even an ext fun and immersive. Click below!

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Some much more helpful native in ours Spanish number category:

1 – uno (oo no)2 – dos (dōs)3 – tres (trayce)4 – quatro (kwah trō)5 – cinco (seen koe)6 – seis (sayce)7 – siete (see eh tay)8 – ocho (oh chō)9 – nueve (noo eh vay)10 – diez (dee ehz)11 – once (ōhn say)12 – doce (doe say)20 – veinte (bayn tay)30 – treinta (trayn tah)40 – cuarenta (kwar in tuh)50 – cincuenta (seen kwen tuh)60 – sesenta (say sin tuh)70 – setenta (say believe tuh)80 – ochenta (oh chin tuh)90 – noventa (no vin tuh)100 – ciento (see in toe)1000 – mil (meal)

And here’s how to speak 80 in various other languages!

Arabic–Thamanoon (tha ma noon)Chinese–Bāshí (Ba Shr)Croatian–osamdeset (oh sahm deh set)Czech–osmdesát (oo soom deh saht)Finnish–kahdeksankymmentä (kahh dex ahn kim men tah)French–Quatre-vingts (kay truh vahn)German–achtzig (ahkh tsikh)Italian–ottanta (oh tahn tah)Japanese–Hachi Juu (Hah Chee Jew)Korean–Palsip (Pal Ship)Polish–osiemdziesiąt (o" syem dzyeah" syont)Portuguese–Oitenta (oy ten tah)Russian–vosem"desyat (voh syem dye syat)Spanish–ochenta (oh chin tuh)Swahili–themanini (thay ma nee nee)Thai–Paet Sip (bed sip)Turkish–seksen (sek sahn)Vietnamese–Tám Mươi (Tahm Mui)

Aside native the alphabet, numbers space the easiest and also most common means to learn any kind of language. Because that example, this is just how you speak "80" (ochenta) in Spanish. Which other numbers carry out you know? which others can you learn? acquire instant accessibility to the Spanish Language set and find out all the numbers you"ll ever before need to recognize in her travel.

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