Open up Pixlr and load the image. Now we an initial want to crop the image so us just have actually the raccoon. Walk ahead and click the chop tool (the very first tool in the device bar). Then click a point and drag so the rectangle encompasses the raccoon. If girlfriend click outside of the cropped area it will certainly ask, ‘Do you want to apply changes?’ Click, ‘Yes.’ and voila! the cropped.


Now we room going to make it a little bigger so it is much easier to occupational with. Due to the fact that this to be a vector image, it was already really big. We have actually increased it come 36% ~ above the navigator bar.


We then wanted to flip the image. To do that we checked out ‘image’ and also then ‘Flip canvas horizontal.’ now this tiny guy is dealing with the various other way!


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Now we wanted to turn this guy a little bit. To execute that you go to ‘Edit’ and also ‘Free Transform.’

now this tool will let you resize it but it also let’s you revolve it together well. If you hover your cursor by the corner it will readjust to the rotation tool. Then walk ahead and also rotate your photo to your heart’s desire. Then walk ahead and click turn off the image. It will certainly ask if you want to use the changes and go ahead and say ‘Yes.’ Then go ahead and also save her image. We saved ours together a jpeg.

There girlfriend go, you’re every set! Make sure to checkout these graphics native our website for friend to exercise rotating and also editing her images.

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