Welcome to 4chan"s Frequently Asked Questions page. After analysis the FAQ, be sure to familiarize yourself v the Rules!

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What is 4chan?

4chan is a straightforward image-based bulletin board where anyone canpost comments and also share images. 4chan"s collaborative-community formatwas inspired by among the most well-known forums in Japan, Futaba Channel.Different board are committed to different topics, native Japanese anime,manga, and culture to videogames, music, and photography. Users carry out notneed to register an account prior to participating in the community.

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How perform I accessibility the boards?

In bespeak to access the complete site, girlfriend must an initial read andagree come the terms of the disclaimer. To accessibility the disclaimersimply click any board and also a dialogue will certainly appear. Your response will becookied therefore you"ll only should do this as soon as (providing friend don"t clear yourcache/cookies afterwards). If you wish to browse the website using frames, visit/frames.

What must I know before I post?

Users are motivated to participate proactively in ours community,but just after they have familiarized themselves through the rules and this FAQ. Break the rules mayresult in post deletion, a temporary ban, or in part cases,permanent banishment. Understand the rules prior to you beginposting!

How carry out I post anonymously?

To article as "Anonymous", simply do no fill in the fieldwhen submitting content. Info such together your personal IPaddress is viewable just to the administrators, and is not madepublicly available.

Can I it is registered a username?

No user registration process is available. If you"re worriedabout someone impersonating you, consider using a tripcode to help validate her identity.

Must I article an image?

To begin a brand-new thread, you must upload one image. 4chanis mainly an imageboard after all!When replying come an already existing thread, no attachments isrequired.

Can ns reply with an image?

Yes. To answer to a subject with picture of your own, click the link and fill in the article box as you usually would, makingsure to specify an image for attachment.

How do I quote somebody?

If you"re utilizing our inline extension, simplyclick the short article number you"d favor to reference and it will carry up a fast Replywindow for you to compose your solution in. Highlighting text and then click thepost number will quote the selected text.

Can I note a entry as a spoiler?

Only particular boards allow you come mask plot-spoiling content. Tomark your picture as a spoiler, examine the boxbefore submission. Spoilerizing text makes it unreadable come othersuntil they computer mouse over it. Come spoilerize a comment, place tags around the text you great to hide (ex. "SPIKEDIES!"). Misuse of these tags may result in a ban.

How perform I usage a "tripcode"?

Tripcodes can assist verify a user"s identity to others, and are atype the pseudo-registration. To use a common tripcode,place a hash mark ("#") adhered to by a word or short phrase afterwhat you"ve entered into the field (ex. "User#password").Upon submission, the server will certainly generate the hash unique to thatparticular word or phrase. The previous instance would display"User!ozOtJW9BFA" after being posted.

Important note: A tripcode is generated onlyusing the text gone into after the hash mark. Your gotten in name, IPaddress, cookie information, etc. Do not affect the output. Normaltripcodes are not secure, and can be cracked with relative ease.For a an ext secure solution, watch securetripcodes.

What is a "secure tripcode"?

A secure tripcode can be generated by place twohash clues in the field, together opposed to one similar to anormal tripcode (ex. "User##password"). For sure tripcodesuse a secret key paper on the server to help obscure your password.The previous instance would display screen "User !!rEkSWzi2+mz"after being posted.

What is a capcode?

A capcode is a way of verifying someone as a 4chan team member.Normal users execute not have the ability to post using a capcode. A moderator capcode will display screen "## Mod"after their name. Similarly, the administrator capcodedisplays "## Admin

".Often times, a moderator will short article as"Anonymous ##Mod " in stimulate to keep their identity an enig (whichis policy). Janitors carry out not get acapcode.

Note: symbols will constantly appear together a capcode, and will display screen a tooltip that states "This user is a/the 4chan Moderator/Administrator" ~ above mousing over them. If there is no icon/tooltip, the poster isan impersonator.

What is "sage"?

Entering "sage" (by itself) into the field whilereplying will reason the thread not to bang to the height of the page.Contrary to popular belief, a sage is not a downvote, and should no be used as one. "sage-bombing" orannouncing the you"ve saged a object may an outcome in a ban.

How deserve to I be went back to the board index after ns post?

In august 2012 the default behavior of posting to be changed. Upon posting usersare redirected to their write-up instead the the plank index. To enable the legacy behavior of beingreturned come the plank index after ~ posting, go into "nonoko" into the field.

Can I usage nonoko and also sage in ~ the exact same time?

Yes, enter "nonokosage" into the field.

How perform I report posts?

Reporting articles for evaluation is extremely encouraged, together it helps united state remove dominion breaking and/or illegal contents faster. To paper a report, click the "▶" switch to the right of the write-up number to increase the article menu, and also then select the "Report post" option. A confirmation dialogue will pop up and also ask if the post you room reporting is a dominion violation, spam, or if it consists of illegal material. Be certain to note this appropriately! Fill the end the captcha, and also then click the submit button.

Important note: Submitting deliberately false reports may an outcome in a ban. This policy is in location to discourage abuse of the system; that is not intended to dissuade customers from submitting legit reports.

How execute I delete my very own post(s)?

When you submit a post, a password cookie is automatically set that willallow you come delete your write-up should you select to. As lengthy as your browser retains this cookie, youwill have the ability to delete write-ups made making use of it. To delete her post(s), inspect the box in the upperlefthand corner of the particular post(s) you wish to remove, andscroll under to the bottom that the page and also click the button top top the right. Check the crate will cause only the picture to bedeleted, leaving the comment untouched. Keep in mind that part boards and threads(ex. Stickies) do not allow a user come delete their posts.

Why won"t my thread bump?

All threads have a collection bump border (varies board to board). Whenthis border is reached, a thread will no longer "bump" to the peak ofthe board, resulting in the thread come descend v the pages until itis bumped off of the critical page and also pruned. This technique of post-limiting,while occasionally inconvenient, assures that contents is kept fresh onthe boards.

What walk "work safe" mean?

"Work safe" is characterized as "content the is safe for viewing inthe mean working environment." Boards the default come the Yotsuba B orBurichan (blue) theme are to be thought about work safe. Postingcontent that is not an ideal for this atmosphere may result in aban. The score behind put on impose this dominion is to keep the cleanersections that the site available to those in restricted viewingsituations.

My short article disappeared! Where"d that go?

Threads expire and are pruned by 4chan"s software at arelatively high rate. Because most boards are limited to tenpages, contents is usually accessible for only a few hours or job beforeit is removed. Many times, the post was probably pruned automatically, however in some situations itmay have actually been gotten rid of by a moderator or janitor.We ask that customers refrain from reposting product that castle believeto have been deleted by the moderators.

Can ns retrieve an old post/image?

No. Content that has expired is gotten rid of from ours servers. Please execute not contact us requestingcontent that has actually been pruned, for it is impossible for united state to assistyou. Instead, try placing a request on the /r/board.

Can you aid me call a certain user?

No. Unless a user elects to encompass an e-mail deal with or other call information in theirpost, over there is no method to contact that user privately. An ext details regarding our warehouse of personalinformation deserve to be uncovered here.

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How deserve to I find the resource of one image?

Google photo Search and also iqdb are great resources to identify the resource of one image.You can access these services using ours inline extension by clicking the "▶" button to the appropriate of a short article containing an image, and also then choosing "Image search". Remember: Posting inquiry for source information on the plank may obtain you banned—use /r/ for all requests.