How perform you change the ignition move assembly top top a 1st Gen Chevy Silverado truck? replace the Ignition move on truck No issue what friend do, the crucial won’t rotate properly, and also you could end up breaking it if you use too much anger power. Once your brand-new lock is in place and also working properly, you deserve to go about putting everything earlier the same. When lined up, slide the lock into place. Yes, it’s a an extremely frustrating job, and also yes, you can take the easier route, change 1th Gen 1500 Chevy truck ignition switch just buy a lock and also replace old one with a new one there is no fangling about. Everything the choice, simply remember, this is the best way to store your old key and additionally have some locksmithy fun too.

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Steps to change the Ignition Switch

First, insert your key, it have to fit in smoothly and turn easily. Then Insert in the switch on the dowel and screw in the lar screw. Examine what is the surname of the switch the releases the key from the ignition lock top top the Chevy Silverado and the switch clicks once you put the van in park. You re welcome ensure the an essential is inserted and is set to position I. Test if the locking notch on top of the ignition lock deserve to be pressed in until it is level with the external shape the the lock.


You might bench test the components to certain that every little thing is working properly. If the ignition move on a Neon is failing, your auto may stall or no start. The ignition switch can wear which deserve to cause breakdown (e.g. No starter). The ignition switch offered in the Chevy Siverado is favor the rest of the steering column from GM Auto. To remove/insert the ignition lock and/or switch ensure the an essential is inserted and is collection to position I (key vertical and position where usually the radio is on yet ignition is still off).


The final step, remove the Sentry an essential Immobilizer Module (SKIM) indigenous the top of the steering column using a ratchet and socket. Eliminate the tilt lever from the steering shaft using a Phillips screwdriver. If this has actually the locking tilt wheel that is better to discover a rescue yard and get the whole steering assembly. If girlfriend don’t desire to obtain stranded what or be unable to go wherein you need to go, climate make sure you take treatment of this difficulty early.

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