The traction belt is the one the delivers engine power to the transmission. Begin by remove the deck and also raising the tractor up so you have the right to work underneath safely. Deck removed is spanned in the operator manual, which you can view for totally free on man Deere"s website in situation you don"t have one of her own. (The operators hands-on doesn"t cover instead of the traction belt.)


The belt rides up above the steering mechanism and the crossbars for the brake and also deck lift. At an initial glance it looks choose you"re walking to need to remove every these things, but you don"t have to. The just thing you"ll should do to get the belt clean of these materials is disconnect the steering tie rods.

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The stress and anxiety spring is hooked around a bushing ~ above the idler and a notch ~ above the anxiety arm. Remove the spring to release tension on the belt. You"ll desire the brake in the released position for this step. When the spring is off and the anxiety is released, you"ll have the ability to pull the belt off the transmission sheave and pull some slack up toward the former of the mower, i m sorry you"ll need in the next step.


I disconnected mine in ~ the front since the cotter pins are easier to acquire to increase there. The would most likely be a lot simpler to watch what you"re act if girlfriend disconnect them native the bellcrank ~ above the steering sector. One of two people way, pull the loop turn off the motor pulley and also drop it below the steering sector.


The belt is trapped between this tiny idler and also the structure on the left next of the mower for this reason you"ll must remove it. Usage a 13mm socket to ease the seed and shot not to shed the bushing that the spring hooks to. You can gain to the head of the bolt to traction it up and out by getting to through the opening where the steering sector equipment is located.


Use your 13mm socket to remove the tensioner idler wheel then remove the guide from the tensioner pulley-block to free the belt from the tensioner assembly. After you perform this, the belt deserve to be eliminated by threading it the end from on top of the brake and lift shafts. There"s a pawl lever sticking increase on the deck lift pillar that you"ll must work the belt over peak of to obtain the belt every on the very same side. You have the right to see a good view the the pawl in the photo of the idler in action 2. Traction the rear loop forward over the two shafts till the entire belt is clear of the mower.

Thread the new belt over peak of the 2 shafts and also work the left next of it end the pawl top top the elevator shaft. Placed the idler ago on alongside the left next of the frame.

Thread the belt around the stress pulley and also put the guide earlier on, then thread it approximately the stress and anxiety idler and finish reassembling the tensioner assembly. The tension pulley is bolted v a slot in the tension arm, and I think this is for this reason you can fine song the belt anxiety by relocating the pulley ago and forth along the slot. I left mine wherein it originally was and it functioned fine.

Thread the belt over the engine sheave at the front and also the transmission wheel at the back, then put the stress spring back on to stress the belt. Make sure the new belt is routed properly, reattach the steering tie rods, and also you"re ready to put the deck earlier on and put the mower back into service.

My lt155 journey belt was replaced by me and also I tho cannot gain it moving the rollers seam ok ,but when I press my freewheeling obelisk in that frewjrsls but it won"t lock into drive is this one adkjusemt difficulty as ns can"t get it to drive.

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Fantastic Instructions! I gained my 20 year old LT155 rolling again there is no spending $$$. I have two tips: 1. Yes, that is an overwhelming to handle the springs. Ns took a nylon strap about 3 Feet long and also placed it end the hook the the springs. I gripped the strap ends v both hands and could unhook the springs v ease. I could put the springs back in location after installing the brand-new belt in the same way. The hooks pinched the strap but I can pull it off using a angry grip. 2. Check the mounting bolts because that the engine while you are doing this job. Mine mower has actually a Koehler CV15S engine. Every 4 bolts had actually dropped out and the engine was sitting lose on the frame. This brought about the drive belt to avoid working. It is simple to tighten or replace the bolts once you space replacing the journey belt. If some space missing, they were 8mm x 25 mm, JD component number 19M7867. Ns will inspect them each year now. Happy Mowing!!


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Nice photos and also procedure for transforming the traction drive belt. I offered it on my LT166. Here are proposal to do it also better. Probably some text labels on the photos to correspond to your terrific labelled chart in action 1 as I had to go back and forth quite a bit and the initial John Deere diagram that I obtained from my dealer was UNLABELLED! The dealer even told me the drive belt procedure and even mower deck belt routing is only in the expensive $$$ dealer service manual. Some tension springs are more worn out 보다 others; civilization often re-adjust the tensioner to compensate because that older drive belt stretch. This deserve to make the huge bad spring very difficult to for sure remove and also reinstall. Mine to be really strong and too difficult to reconnect safe in the original tensioner wheel position. My large suggestion is at the tensioner wheel re-install step, it may assist to (1) note the existing position v a repaint pen, (2) change the tensioner pulley all the way to the slack position, leave the guide off until the "big bad" tensioner feather is installed, then make sure to set tension to store the brand-new belt running properly. Then reinstall the tensioner guide. The procedure is often vital on car engine belts. Again, well done sir, and thank you. Even my man Deere dealer discovered your procedure virtual in a internet search.