That frantic last-minute shoes polish before a task interview or late on a Sunday night once your mental is on various other things could be fine for the shoes however can bring about the strange mishap.

According come Katie Mortram, houses Testing Manager at the GHI, "shoe polish consists of dyes and also grease so have the right to be a difficult stain to remove from some fabrics and it’s usually dark in colour which also makes that tricky. My advice is to occupational on the note from the outside in so girlfriend don"t spread out the stain."

As always, prevention is better than cure, so we’d advise taking the moment to lay under some newspaper to safeguard the surface ar you’re working on and to undertake old garments or an apron, so that if you do accidentally acquire it top top you, it’s not as much of a problem. Yet we realise this isn’t constantly possible, so if you’ve controlled to gain some shoe polish on the carpet or your clothing, find out specifically how to tackle those greasy black marks with this stain remove advice indigenous our specialists at the GHI…

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General direction

Carefully scrape off any type of solid bits with a blunt knife. Monitor the directions listed below for details fabrics.



Squirt a couple of drops that WD-40 on the impacted area, wait thirty seconds, climate blot through white paper towels, moving to clean locations of the bath towel frequently. Job-related from the outside inwards, and use a breakable dabbing motion. You should be gentle to prevent pushing the stain depths in or dispersing it. Repeat as crucial until no an ext of the stain is lifted. Remove continuing to be traces of colour v White Wizard. Apply and leave because that a minute or so, climate blot the stain with lightly dampened, white file towels or a clean, white lint-free cloth. Complete by dabbing the area v clean water come rinse it, climate blot the dry. Girlfriend may need to make several applications.

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Washable fabrics

A tiny stain on noodle will frequently come out just by rubbing in a small liquid dish washing detergent and washing together normal. For bigger stains, pre-treat through Stain Devils Lubricant and Grease according to the manufacturer"s instructions, then wash at 40°C with biological detergent.

Shoe polish is difficult to remove from silk, but try the WD-40 technique as described for carpet, complied with by Stain Devils Fat and also Sauces to remove any type of greasy mark left by the WD-40. Machine-wash at 30°C ~ above the delicates cycle.

For wool, spot-treat v Stain Devils Lubricant and also Grease and also wash in ~ 30°C on the delicates cycle.