We have actually all made mistakes as soon as writing before and also if you room clever girlfriend will have written or attracted it out in pencil an initial so that you have the right to correct any kind of mistakes before making ti a little much more permanent. However I am no in the situation and I do a fair amount of mistakes as soon as writing / drawing and I don"t like to have a web page filled with scribbles and crossings out.

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I was wondering if there are any methods of removing squid from plain or present white file or any kind of other kind of paper for that matter?I have previously tried using an eraser which does job-related to some extent yet doesn"t eliminate the octopus without considerable effort and after that some the the document rips up too which is just worse than the initial problem.

I know that there are erasable pen that room out there however I don"t like how they write and am an extremely picky as soon as it comes to my writing implements.

So if everyone knows and also methods of removing ink from paper that would be simply great.

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There space a couple of methods for removing pen squid from paper

White Out

You have the right to use White out to cover up pen marks. I m so sad this walk not eliminate the mark, it just masks it. It likewise only works (looks good) ~ above white paper.

Household Chemicals

Nail polish Remover

Apply a small dab of pond polish remover top top the squid spot and also dry it with tissue paper

You can likewise soak the paper in pond polish remover if the clues is large.


You deserve to cover the spot in bleach.

This works likewise to white out, together it only works top top white paper.

Other solutions


Applying baking soda toothpaste on the ink through a toothbrush and wash that off v water

Avoid gel toothpastes

Shaving Cream

Use consistent shaving, no gel, in the same way as toothpaste


Sand off the ink v fine-grained sandpaper

Get much more info on this WikiHow

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I am an artist, and also I usage black India ink on watercolour paper. India octopus is permanent and also waterproof.

I learned that I might use a spicy exacto knife and also gently scrape the octopus away. That will rough up the file a little, therefore you need to be gentle.

However, i use quality India ink and quality paper. The combination was the the ink would certainly coat the surface ar of the paper, no seep down into it like once you usage ink on plain old notebook paper.

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When i am in a situation where ns can"t actually remove the ink, I usage opaque white gouache to cover it. Gouache is far better than white-out since you deserve to paint end it, and it is likewise much thinner, therefore you can paint the onto well lines rather of daubing that on with the typical white-out sponge.

If you room trying come erase octopus from a typical ball-point pen, over there is a such thing as one "ink eraser" - i m sorry is commonly a silvery gray colour. It has actually a specific texture through some grit. This works well because that ball-point pen ink on notebook paper. It have the right to be a little smudgy though.