When it comes to the watches through a metal band, one dimension does no fit all. Recognize a steel watch that will certainly fit your wrist can be a bit tricky, particularly if you room buying that online. City hall come v standard bracelets or bands come fit most wrists. The animal leather bands have actually a far-reaching advantage end the metal bands. They come v multiple holes, so you can easily readjust them follow to your wrist size.

If your new watch is dangling from her wrist or sliding up, then you will must remove a couple of links to readjust the bracelet for a snug fit. You have the right to either take your watch come a clock shop to gain the excess web links removed or execute it at home. Removed the web links from a clock is no so difficult as you might think. In this blog post, i will show you exactly how to remove watch web links so the you deserve to do it at house by yourself. We have likewise gathered some video clip tutorials to assist you further.

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6 exactly how To remove Watch web links (Straight Pin)?12 typically Asked questions (FAQs)

Measure her Wrist Size

It is crucial to know the measure up of her wrist prior to buying a watch online. You can use a soft measure up tape because that this. If friend don’t have actually one, then wrap a ribbon or a thread approximately your wrist, preferably at the wrist bone. Highlight the spot where the ends meet, then measure up the towel with a ruler to identify your wrist size. Once you have measured your wrist diameter, include 1/2 – 1 1/2 inches to the measurement, i beg your pardon will enable how snug loose you want the tape to fit. Remember that some watches fit differently depending upon the style and also manufacturers. For example, the clasp style can provide more space 보다 anticipated.


Determine How numerous Links must Be Removed

Before you start removing any type of link from her watch, you have to measure the watch band so friend know precisely how countless links that you will must remove. You deserve to do this in a pair of ways.

To measure how many links the you must remove, firstly placed the clock on her wrist and also place it whereby you would normally wear it. Now, gather up every one of the slack and count the variety of excess links. Make sure that the clasp continues to be in the center of the band.

Never eliminate all the excess web links from the center or one next of the bracelet. Instead, you need to take an equal amount of links from either side of the clasp.

You can also use an old clock to to compare it to see how numerous links that you should take off from the band.


If you are not sure how plenty of links to remove, then eliminate one much less than you expect. It is a lot simpler to remove an additional link than including one back in. Shot to remove an even variety of links. This way, you deserve to remove the exact same amount from every side, and it will ensure the the clasp is tho in the center of the band.

Types Of watch Links

Metal city hall come with various varieties of bands, and also the links are specific to the style. The most renowned metal bands are:

The OysterThe JubileeThe Beads of RiceThe imperial Oak BraceletThe LadderThe Shark MeshThe Milanese

Types the Pins

Watch web links are hosted together through pins. The style of the bracelets determines the style of the links. There are two common varieties of steel pins, the “Straight Pin” and the “U PIN” or “L PIN” that host the links together.

The straight pin style is a simple system to hold the links together with a steel pin. On some watches, the pin is paired v two little metal tubes dubbed ferrules that organize it in location at either end of the link.

The “U pin” or “L pin” are U or l shaped level metal pins v friction bumps that organize the links together.

Tools because that Removing Links

It is best if you can obtain the appropriate Watch Band link Remover Kit, i beg your pardon is easily accessible on Amazon. The kit renders the attach removal job neat and easy. Don’t worry if girlfriend cannot obtain the kit. You will should gather the following tools for the job.

A spring-bar removal tool or pin pusherA long-nosed pliersA soft hammerA screwdriverA tray for the parts

You will likewise need a workbench v a aircraft surface prefer a table or a desk. Make certain that the work surface is no cluttered, so friend don’t shed the links and also the pins since you will need the pin to re-attach the remaining links.

How To remove Watch web links (Straight Pin)?

Method 1 # utilizing a pin Pusher

If you flip the watch end then, girlfriend will watch that there room some little arrows published on the links. The arrows show the direction to push the pins the end of the links. Many watches have straight pins (the head is big on one end and smaller ~ above the other) to host the links.


Place the watch on the table through the arrows encountering downwards therefore you can push the pins native the top. Currently stick the pen pusher in the slot and also push the pin firmly.


When the pen pops out, use a pliers to eliminate it. You can put the pins in a tray, so friend don’t shed them.


Repeat the process to eliminate the excess links.

Method 2 # using a Kit

Watch Band connect Remover Kit comes through a plastic clock holder. The holder has a series of cutouts in it. All the crevices in the block have various width to host watches.


First, open the bracelet (if possible, eliminate it native the claps). Location the watch tape inside among the crevices that the block the it fits. Make sure the arrows are facing down.


Now ar the pusher in the pin slot. Tenderness tap it with a hammer. As soon as the pin pops out, use the pliers or her fingers come pull out the remainder of the pin.



Always take it the links out that space closer to the claps v the arrows printed on them. Together the links obtain closer to the optimal of the bracelet, they gain wider.

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Re-attaching The Links

After removing every the overfill links, that is time to re-attach the remaining links. Pins will always go earlier in the opposite direction of the arrows. For this reason make certain you check the direction that the arrows before inserting the pins.

Once you have actually lined up the links, press the pen in. The wider end the the pin will require a little shove to walk in every the way. You have the right to use a pin pusher to press it in the link.


If you room using a Kit, climate slide the pins right into the links very first before place the bracelet in the block. The wider end the the pins should be dealing with upwards. Use a soft hammer, preferably one v a nylon end, and also give that a couple of an excellent taps. Then hold a pusher in the pen slot and also give that a last gentle knock v the hammer, so the it simply under flush.