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There’s nothing more frustrating 보다 wanting come mow the lawn but the mower won’t move at all. If that happens, you’re likely suffering native a stuck lawn mower wheel.

As frustrating as this trouble can be, the is no something to throw the bath towel for. Girlfriend can constantly fix your mower and get on v the mowing in a few minutes.

But a grounding mower wheel can occur for numerous reasons, so we’re walking to show you a couple of different methods to settle the stuck wheel accordingly.

Next, you’ll uncover the 2 finest methods to eliminate a stuck wheel from her lawnmower. Even if it is you’re using a riding mower or a zero-turn mower – you’ll discover the equipment here:

Table that Contents

Method 1: Penetrating Oil & MalletMethod 2: Wax & Heat

Method 1: Penetrating Oil & Mallet


The an initial method is about using penetrating oil to relax any type of debris and/or gum in the wheel. Then hit it through a mallet for the wheel come come off, for this reason you deserve to remove it freely.

Things to Consider:

Also, take it the ignition crucial off and turn the ignition move off. The mower should have actually no chance of transforming on.Cleaning the wheel through a water tap at high pressure always helps. This will remove any excess of dirt or debris that may be helping the wheel to obtain stuck.Do no exert too much pressure or force when trying to traction the wheel turn off the machine. You may finish up damaging parts of the mower, or damaging yourself.

Tools you will do it Need:

A hydraulic jackA socket wrenchA flat-head screwdriverA pair that pliersPenetrating oilRubber malletJack was standing / Woodblocks

Once you have these devices ready, then you deserve to proceed through the nitty-gritty.

1. Prepare the Mower

Start by preparing yourself and the mower because that the job. Us recommend placing on the gloves appropriate away.

Then, place the mower in a flat and also even area. It must be totally flat, so you deserve to work an ext comfortably and also prevent any kind of issue once working through it.

Proceed to disconnect the spark plug together an extra security measure. And also then you’re prepared to begin working ~ above it.

2. Lift that Up


Now you deserve to lift up the mower. This will assist you have far better access come its wheel mechanism.

Use the hydraulic jack listed below the mower come lift the up. If you’re unsticking a rear wheel, climate lift the behind part, and if it is a front-wheel, proceed accordingly.Once girlfriend lift up the mower, you deserve to place a wooden block or jack was standing just below the wheel axles. This will save the mower up without the bulky style of a hydraulic jack. Be certain to location the stands/blocks well enough, so the device doesn’t autumn off come the floor when you get the jack out.Now reduced the hydraulic jack until the weight of the mower rests entirely on the stand or blocks.

You will finish up with the mower lifted and also ready to acquire unstuck.

3. Remove the Hub Caps

The very first step into removing the wheels will be to obtain the hub caps off the wheel. This is how:

Grab the flat-head screwdriver and place the on the crevice in between the hub cap and also the rim. Then carefully however firmly relocate the hub cap up to remove it.If the flat-head screwdriver doesn’t work, friend can constantly use the pliers. Ease the lid off and remove it by hand.Now girlfriend have free access come the bolt, so you can obtain it turn off the rim making use of the socket wrench.

This will certainly unlock the wheel so you can eventually get it off more easily.

4. Spray the Oil


The oil is what will certainly loosen up the wheel native the axle and shaft. So you’ll have to spray that in every ar that can be dirty and/or built-up.

Spray the internal and external components of the wheel and the driveshaft through the penetrating oil. Girlfriend may additionally need to spray ~ above the bolt or center part of the rim, which regularly gets stuck.Now let the oil do its job for at the very least 2 hours. It will certainly loosen up any debris and/or gum.

This will certainly loosen up every little thing may be resulting in the wheel to acquire stuck.

5. Fight the Wheel with Mallet

Once did you do it loosened up the wheel through the lubricating oil, climate you can proceed to hit it v a mallet.

Hit the steel rim through a rubber mallet. Be certain to hit it soft very first and watch if that loosens up. Then hit it a tiny harder if the doesn’t.We introduce tapping the pickled in salt all across its circumference, for this reason the wheel loosens increase wherever it to be stuck.You have to keep hitting till the wheel moves. When it moves, you need to rotate it every the means to check out if it is one area or the entire wheel.It might move simply a little in the first couple of tries. It is why friend should have actually the lubricating oil close so you have the right to apply much more in the axle or column as needed. Wait 5 minutes and also keep hitting it.

The mix of mallet and lubricating oil should gain it off the stuck state in no time.

6. Take it it Out

If the wheel gained unstuck ~ hitting it v a mallet, climate you’re prepared to take it out.

Grab the tires by both sides. Climate pull it off the axle.We introduce rocking the wheel come the sides and pulling fast and hard.If that doesn’t relocate out the the axle, climate you might want to apply some more oil.You can always ask for help to pull off the wheel. It need to come off with much more strength.

Generally, the wheel must come ideal off after the oil and mallet hits.

But if she looking in ~ a slightly more problematic issue, climate you may want come go directly to an approach 2.

Method 2: Wax & Heat


If using lubricating oil and also wax doesn’t occupational for friend – then you have the right to use wax and also a propane torch. This need to soften up whatever was gaining the wheel stuck, for this reason you can remove it an ext easily.

Things to Consider:

Before friend start, you can repeat procedures 1, 2, 3 of the ahead method. If the mower is already lifted up and the hub caps eliminated – then leave it prefer that.Unlike oil, wax needs to be used from her hand. So us recommend putting some latex gloves before starting.While many light waxes are usually no flammable, they can still ignite. So usage protective equipment like rubber gloves, lengthy sleeve shirts, boots, and also goggles to defend yourself. Also, bring a fire extinguisher simply in case.For the warmth torch, you can use anything native a propane torch come a little lighter. The sole function is to warm up the wax.

Tool you’ll Need:

Light waxA warmth torch (or any type of fire-making tool)A malletA fire extinguisher

Once you have actually the essential items, you have the right to proceed to remove the stuck lawn mower wheel. This is the process to follow:

1. Spread out the Wax

First and foremost, you have to spread the light wax top top the rim and axle that the wheel.

Use her latex gloves to perform this for this reason the wax doesn’t get stuck on her fingers.Cover every piece of steel that might have miscellaneous to perform with the activity of the wheel.

Now you’re prepared to warmth up the metal and also wax.

2. Warmth up the rim & Axle

Heating up should enable the wax to permeate the metal far better and acquire the wheel unstuck. Similarly, this affects the metal directly, i m sorry could also have a positive effect.

Grab the propane torch or everything you want to use and also light the up. Friend don’t need a big flame for the job. A tiny heat level the melts the wax should suffice.Direct the heat of the torch straight into wherever you applied the wax. Permit it warmth for a couple of seconds. The middle of the rim and also the interior parts are vital to warm up.Get the torch as far away native the tire as you can. Only emphasis on the axle/shaft and rim.Once you watch any part of the wheel mechanism starts gaining red, then it’s time to take it the torch off. A smell of burned oil should additionally tell girlfriend it’s time to obtain the torch off.

At this moment, the steel should begin to decompress, unsticking the wheel from everything was blocking its movement.

3. Allow the Wax Penetrate

The wax need to start melt while you warm up the wheel mechanism. Don’t relocate it ideal away, let it pass through everything.

We recommend wait for about 3 to 5 minutes, for this reason the wax does its job. Yet don’t allow it move too much as it will certainly dry off and may at some point get even more stuck.

4. Fight the Wheel

You will have to hit the wheel as soon as again v the mallet. This have to unlock the wheel.

Place the torch in a safe location. Then grab the rubber mallet and hit the wheel softly.Tapping the one of the wheel is a way choice. Do it lightly at an initial and view if it move or come off. Otherwise, hit that a tiny harder.

By now, the wheel should be nearly out that the machine. In some cases, it will come right off after ~ hitting it with the mallet. In other cases, you will have to remove the by hand.

5. Eliminate the Wheel

To eliminate the wheel, you must just shot to pull it off.

Grab the wheel through both sides and then pull off. Rocking the wheel indigenous the political parties should help to get it off.Be sure to location your hands and also feet in a safe location while pulling the wheel off. The shouldn’t take too much strength to execute so.

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If the wheel comes off, then you’ve effectively removed a stuck wheel indigenous a lawnmower.