GTA Online deserve to be hard experience and also what you"ll desire to execute may readjust quickly - you may be in a mission and choose come quit out.

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We"re still waiting for info on what missions GTA 6 will bring, yet until then we"ll resolve for what GTA Online provides us.

GTA Online offers some remarkable multiplayer madness yet doesn"t always explain it"s systems clearly. Instance in point is just how to exit a mission, i beg your pardon isn"t as straightforward together it might be.

Thankfully, we"ve placed together this guide.

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How come Quit objectives In GTA 6

Needless to say, you"ll should be in a mission.Open her phone, and also then pick the task List icon.Hit the trash have the right to icon in the bottom left that the phone using either Square top top PS4 or X on Xbox One.Confirm you want to quit, and also that"s it – you"re out.
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