WARNING! do not push the bearings in the wheels v your fingers! This have the right to bend the shields/seals and also cause poor bearing performance and possibly failure. 

Properly installation bearings into the skateboard is one of the most vital tasks the the skateboard build. There is no the bearings seated properly in the wheels and the axle nuts tightened down, the board cannot role freely and also quickly. It can additionally lead come pre-mature bearing fail and/or significant rider injury. Right here is our action by step overview to professionally download your brand-new skateboard bearings.

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Step 1) Read all of These Instructions!

Seriously dudes, prior to getting started, please check out all the download instructions. It will help you make certain you understand what you are doing and assist avoid mistakes. Failure here can destroy her bearings.


You will certainly need:Skateboard TruckSkate tool or 5/16" socket wrenchSkateboard wheelsSkateboard bearingsSpacers and also Speed ring Optional, however strongly recommended

Step 2) have actually a van Handy

Do not attempt to install bearings into wheels there is no a truck. The truck is going to act together your bearing press. Also, we strongly recommend bearing spacers and also speed rings. This make sure the bearings are properly aligned and also seated perfectly. If girlfriend don"t have any, Amazon uses our Dragon Spacers and also Speed rings at a great price.


Step 3) remove Old Bearings

Getting the old bearings can be an extremely easy (soft durometer longboard wheels space cake) or really hard (hard durometer shortboard wheels have the right to be a pain). However, if you usage the van hanger as a leveraging point, obtaining the bearings out is lot easier. Wiggle the bearing back and forth while top top the axle come pry the tiny buggers the end of there. Don"t offer up!

Remove wheel native axle.Slide the wheel off the axle for this reason that just one bearing is on the axle.Rotate the wheel back and forth, making use of the axle come leverage the bearing out of the wheel.


Have patience and keep at it. Do not press down ~ above the shields. emphasis on prying out the bearing v the axle within the within race.

Step 4) Install brand-new Bearings

Alright, the fun part! If you space installing on new trucks, take one of the two speed rings (small washers) turn off of the truck axle. If you do not have speed ring on the van axle, ar the adhering to on the truck axle, in this order.

Speed RingBearingSpacerBearing


Once you have actually all the parts aligned on the axle, take the wheel in the palm of her hand v the graphic side dealing with outwards. Push it into the bearing top top the axle, towards the kingpin the the truck.


The goal here is to obtain that first bearing pressed into the wheel. That doesn"t need to be perfect, just get it greatly seated inside of the wheel. We will certainly tighten every little thing down later to perfectly align the seating.


Step 5) chair the Bearings

Seating the bearings is the many important component of the process if you want to walk fast. Bearing spacers seriously help with this.

With the an initial bearing (mostly) seated, flip the wheel over and also align the other bearing into the earlier of the wheel. Push down to seat the 2nd bearing. Both bearings must now it is in on the skateboard truck axle.


Take the other speed ring and put the on the axle. Finger tighten ~ above the axle nut. Using a ½” socket, tighten the axle nut. Some tiny clicks might be heard when doing this. This is the sound of the bearing seating into the wheel. It"s good.

Once tight, take a bit much less than a quarter turn off the axle nut. This must now permit the wheel to spin freely. Make certain the wheel does not have play follow me the axle together this means it is as well loose.

Do this three more times ~ above the various other wheels.

Step 6) inspect the Bearings

Before going the end on the street, gradually ride around the garage or residence (if mom allows you) to make sure whatever is installed correctly. The last ar you want to find a trouble is when bombing a hill or blasting a trick, therefore be sure to dual check your handy work.


Wheels have to spin freely and quietly if the install was successful. Don"t worry too much if her wheels don"t spin for a lengthy time. Over there is no load on the bearing, therefore this is not specific depiction that how quick the bearings are.

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There you have actually it! get out and also shred.

We would love to gain your feedback ~ above this article. Allow us understand what friend think in the comments below or email us at help