When you desire to save your display images top top a Toshiba laptop, taking the screenshot is the most direct and also quickest way. In this post, we gather three methods for girlfriend to take it the snapshots top top Toshiba v the built-in hotkeys, clipping Tool and also Screen capture software. Home windows 10/8/7 is extremely supported.

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Whether you space using Toshiba Satellite laptop or Chromebook, taking a screenshot when you room seeing the interesting scene is an extremely common. Exactly how to catch your computer system screen quickly? Hotkeys? integrated tools? Or third-party tools?

This web page collects the 2 efficient and free methods to help you take the screenshot top top Toshiba running on home windows 10/8/7. Decision the ideal one and start her screen catch on Toshiba computer here.

Part 1. Ideal Solution to Screenshot ~ above Toshiba through Screen catch (with modifying Features)

For enjoying more editing functions for the screenshot, friend can try rebab.net display Capture. The is one easier yet professional tool to record your screen and also take screenshot on Toshiba computer.



rebab.net screen Capture

capture the full display screen or selected display screen on your computer system freely. Attract a shape choose a rectangle, ellipse, line or arrow. It allows you add caption and callout because that the image. You can additionally blur the photo and erase the modifying features. You have the right to undo or redo to regret the step or clear all measures at tone time. You deserve to pin come screen straight for more screenshot taking. Compatible v all Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba Chromebook, etc.

OK. After acquiring to know the functions, permit us present how the powerful screen capturing tool works.

Step 1. Operation Snapshot

Free download, install and run this software program on her Toshiba laptop. Navigate the screen that you want to capture. In the main user interface of this software, pick "Snapshot".


Step 2. Select the screenshot area

In the pop-up window, girlfriend will require to move your mouse to select the screenshot area.

Left-click your computer mouse to get the capture area, and also release the to check the display screen area.


Step 3. Edit the screenshot

Here you space able to attract a shape, include text or callout, blur the snapshot or pen the screenshot to screen.

Click the save switch to conserve your screenshot image as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF.


You can also sue the skilled photo editor come get more advanced modifying features because that the screenshot.

The free trial the this software gives you the restrictions for screenshot ~ above Toshiba.

Similar screenshot tool for Toshiba on windows 10/8/7 to Screen capture can likewise be found in Google, like FastStone, Snip Editor, etc.

You space able to pick up the best one tool to obtain your Toshiba screenshot.

Part 2. 2 complimentary Ways come Screenshot on Toshiba Laptop on home windows 10/8/7

In this part, us will market you 2 free ways come screenshot on Toshiba on windows 10/8/7. Girlfriend can record the photo with hotkeys or utilizing the integrated tool top top Toshiba laptop.

Solution 1. How to Screenshot ~ above Toshiba Laptop with Hotkeys (Print complete Screen)

This method is complimentary and straightforward with hotkeys. Sound Great?

Now, let"s view the straightforward steps to do the screenshot v the hotkeys easily.

Step 1. Capture screen v PrtScn

Navigate the display that you want to grasp, push the "PrtScn" crucial to copy the screen"s contents.


Step 2. Conserve screenshots

For home windows 8 users: You"ll find a new screenshot in the photos folder in your Library.

For home windows 7 & 10 users: friend are compelled to copy the screenshot come the repaint for exporting.

Go come Windows > type "Paint" to launch it > dough the screenshot > Click "Save as" to pick up one image format from PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and also TIFF.



1. On part Toshiba desktops, you must press "Fn" + "Windows" + "PrtScn" with each other to activate the screenshot function.

2. Girlfriend can likewise use the repaint tool to get the basic editing features, favor rotate, resize, crop, brush, draw the shape, etc.

3. The combination of hotkeys also works on acquisition screenshot top top Dell, LG, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, etc.

You have to screenshot the entirety screen and crop to get what you desire exactly.

Solution 2. Just how to Screenshot on Toshiba on windows 7/8.1/10 via snipping Tool (4 capture Modes)

Snipping tool is the built-in totally free tool for windows 7/8.1/10 users.

Now, allow us present you the actions to do it.

Step 1. Open up Snipping tool on Toshiba desktop

For windows 10/7: select the start button, kind snipping tool in the search box top top the taskbar.

For home windows 8.1/RT 8.1: Swipe in indigenous the best edge that the screen, madness Search, kind snipping device in the find box.

Select clipping Tool native the perform of results.

Step 2. Pick the snapshot mode

Here this freeware offers you through 4 modes to catch screen. Choose up the mode from the drop-down, and also capture the picture that girlfriend want.

✔ Free-form snip: attract a free-form shape about an object.

✔ rectangle-shaped snip: drag the cursor around an object to kind a rectangle.

✔ window snip: pick a window, such as a browser window or dialog box.

✔ Full-screen snip: capture the entire screen.


Step 3. Save or share a snip

After you screenshot the image, you can save it as PNG, GIF, JPEG or HTML or share that directly.


1. ~ you capture a screen, you can write or attract on by choosing the Pen or Highlighter buttons.

2. As soon as you conserve the screenshot together an HTML file, the URL appears below the screenshot.

that only provides the minimal editing features, and also the exported styles are limited.

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Screenshot is the most direct and quickest means to conserve something vital or interesting. Through the integrated freeware, you are able to take the screenshots on Toshiba computer easily. However, if girlfriend need much more editing features, you can also shot rebab.net screen Capture.