Do you know that? girlfriend can also install PS1 gamings on PS3 console. I also shared in my previous short article how to install PS2 gamings on PS3. In this article, you’ll learn how to install PSP games on PS3 via UBS top top 4.84 version. Maybe you check out my article around how come get free PS3 games. If yes, does median you have actually a jailbroken console. If girlfriend don’t have actually one. This process requires a jailbroken console. Read how to Jailbreak PS3 console and jailbreak it first. When you have a jailbroken console. You are ready to go through PSP video game installation procedure on PS3.

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Please execute not ask will it job-related on PS3 at sight slim or 4.84 OFW, CFW, OFW version. The doesn’t issue which console version or firmware mounted console friend have. You can use your FAT, Slim, and super slim console. In this post I’m utilizing my PS3 supervisor Slim Jailbroken 4.84 firmware mounted console. Maybe you got the info that I’m trying come say. So, let’s obtain started


Laptop or DesktopA USB or external Hard DriveJailbroken Console

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to download PSP games on PS3?

Extract required files

Download the forced files and extract them into one folder.

Run PSP2PS3 Minis

Go come PSP2PS3 Minis folder and Run PSP2PS3 Minis exe as administrator.

Convert PSP video game for PS3

Select her PSP video game ISO, leave whatever default and click on transform to begin process.

Make PKG file

Once the converting procedure is done. Click on Make PKG to start structure PKG files.

Say Yes to PSP Minis or PSX exe

Drag and also drop her PSP game PKG paper on ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe come start sign process. It will ask you, Is this PKG kind PSP Minis Or PSX? to speak yes come resume process.

Copy Result paper on USB root

Once signed process is done. Copy result record on her FAT32 formatted USB drive.

Install PSP game on PS3

Plug your USB journey on your PS3 console 2nd port. Permit HAN, download PSP PKG files normally.

Required files

PSP2PS3 GUIResigner MasterPSP ISO or BIN formatted Game

The PSP game installation procedure on PS3 is quite simple according to PS1 and PS2 video game installation. I tested this method with numerous PSP games. The result is, it’s work for me 100%. I didn’t get any kind of error or bugs. Simply make sure you followed all the above-mentioned steps.

Conclusions:- ns hope you room enjoying her Favourite PSP games on her PS3 console and understand exactly how to download PSP gamings on PS3 console. If friend have any type of questions or queries concerning this article. Feel cost-free to usage the forum page. Prefer my on facebook page and subscribe to mine YouTube channel and also stay linked with me.

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