Ever wanted to pat MapleStory on her Mac however didn"t know how? Then examine out this overview to see how you have the right to do it.

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By Titus D"souza on Jun 23, 2021

MapleStory is an amazing multiplayer online role-playing 2D adventure video game that to be designed just to run on Windows. Mac users have frequently been left feeling left out due to the fact that the game’s developers have actually never released a Mac-compatible version of the game. If you are one of those who desires to pat the game, inspect out this overview on just how to beat Maplestory on Mac.

How come Play Maplestory top top Mac?


To pat Maplestory on Mac, you will need to install windows OS on her Mac.You deserve to do this through using boots Camp in her Mac. Boot Camp lets you download Windows even if your maker runs on macOS.The advantage of making use of Boot Camp is the it offers you the liberty to switch between two operating solution on one computer. This method that you can choose if you desire to run windows OS or macOS on her Mac.

How to Install windows OS top top Mac?

You can install windows by to buy an official software an essential either indigenous the Microsoft website or from any type of computer store.Once you have actually the key, walk to the main Microsoft website on her Mac and also go to the Microsoft windows Download Page.You deserve to now choose the version of Microsoft windows you desire to install.Once girlfriend download the windows ISO record of the variation of your choice, open up the boots Camp Assistant on her Mac.The boot Camp Assistant is situated in the utilities tab in the Applications menu.It will overview you on exactly how to install Windows.The Assistant will ask you because that the ISO Image. Browse with your system files to uncover Windows ISO file you just downloaded.The boot Camp Assistant also lets friend allot the circulation of storage amongst the two softwares (Windows and macOS)Once you’ve allotted the particular storages, you have the right to press Install.When Windows successfully installs, friend will uncover yourself taken to a Windows desktop where you will additionally find a boot Camp Installer.You will have to run this installer and also let it install the crucial drivers.When this process is completed, you will be asked come restart her Mac.To for sure the newly-installed Windows software application runs smoothly on your Mac, make sure to operation the Apple software Update routine after restarting her system.The Apple software Update program is situated in the bottom left edge of the start menu.You will need to run the Windows update too as soon as your Mac has restarted. Girlfriend will find this by ticking the check for Updates button in the upgrade & security menu. Install all the important drivers and updates.This update will take some time. ~ it has actually completed, friend will have to restart her Mac again.You now have actually Windows on your Mac!You can constantly reboot to macOS through right-clicking the boots Camp Assistant and then picking Restart in macOS.Now that you have effectively installed home windows in her Mac, examine out exactly how you deserve to now install and play Maplestory below:

How to Install and also Play Maplestory top top Mac?

Select the Play free Now button and also then click the resultant Download Launcher pop-up.Now, run and install the Nexon Launcher.Open the launcher and also log right into your account.Then, head to the Maplestory tab and click on the download button. You will now have Maplestory downloaded and installed in windows on her Mac.Launch Maplestory come play it.

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And that’s it! with a few steps, you have the right to install and run windows on your Mac. Then, girlfriend can quickly download and also play Maplestory on her Mac after installation Windows.