Mushrooms are fantastic food source. They have the right to be grown everywhere without water, and are the many nutritious food for vegan miners.

Wild Mushrooms


To do mushroom stew you need both red and also brown mushrooms. Both deserve to be found cultivation in many places, specifically underground in caves and in swamps. Mushrooms space also an extremely common in The Nether.

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Cultivating Mushrooms

Growing conditions

Mushrooms deserve to be planted on nearly any surface ar that is not too brightly-lit (ie. No under direct sunlight, and at least 2 blocks far from a torch or other light source).

Mushrooms will slowly spread to nearby dirt blocks, as long as there room no much more than 4 mushrooms of the same form in a 9x9 square. Therefore, a really spread-out mushroom farm yard in which one red and one brown mushroom are put at widely-spaced intervals is somewhat practical.


This mushroom ar has a roof to store the sun off, and also recessed lighting to avoid mobs native spawning. Mushrooms are planted 5 block apart in an alternate pattern of red and also brown. Mushrooms can be planted on almost any block, yet will only spread come dirt.

Huge Mushrooms


If friend fertilise a mushroom by using Bonemeal, it will certainly sprout right into a Huge Mushroom. When harvested it will yield up to 20 mushrooms. This is the many efficient method to farm yard mushrooms.


The mushroom have to be planted on a dust or grass block. Girlfriend will require a many space.

Huge Mushroom space RequirementsMushroom TypeHorizontal spaceVertical Space

9x9 (4 blocks every sides)
8 blocks
7x7 (3 blocks all sides)
6 clocks

When planted, right-click v bonemeal.


The mushroom deserve to be harvested with a knife or other tool. Every block has a chance of producng a mushroom whe destroyed.

Automated Mushroom Farms

It is feasible to develop mushroom farms in the type of towers that have actually a ridge of mushroom-growing floors, that room harvested at the press of a button. One great example is described here.

Growing mushrooms in the Nether

Mushrooms are generally found in the Nether, but do not spread over Netherrack. The best way to grow mushrooms there, then, is to bring some dirt and bonemeal native the Overworld and use the substantial Mushroom method.

Mushroom Stew

Mushroom Stew is do by combining one red mushroom, one brown mushroom, and a wood bowl.


Note the the ingredients deserve to be stack in your inventory, yet the stew can not.

The ingredients deserve to be inserted in any shape ~ above the do area, therefore you perform not need a make table to make the stew.


Mushroom Biomes


Mushroom biomes are proof the late nights and too plenty of mushrooms deserve to do strange things to a video game developer. Lock are locations where large Mushrooms grow, and where weird cow-like creatures called Mooshrooms live.


Mooshrooms deserve to be sheared through a pair of shears, just like sheep, and provide mushrooms. Lock can additionally be "milked" by right-clicking on them holding a wooden bowl. Rather of milk, however, you get mushroom soup. Ns am not making this up.


Mycelium is a one-of-a-kind block similar to grass, the is only uncovered in mushroom biomes. Like grass, mycelium will spread to cover nearby dirt blocks. Mushroom grow quicker on mycelium and survive higher light levels than they perform on various other blocks. If you make a mushroom farm, it would be way to use mycelium.

However, favor grass, the only means you have the right to dig up a mycelium block and carry it to your farm is through a tool enchanted through Silk Touch.

How to find a Mushroom Biome

Mushroom biomes room rare, and usually exist as remote archipelago in the ocean. However, if you simply want to view one, here"s how:

Start a new game.In the "Create brand-new World" screen, click More human being options...

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Type the word lost right into the box and also continue to produce the new world.

You should find yourself close to a small mushroom biome.