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The Hood cable on mine old Mercedes was gaining stiff for a while, ns knew it essential replacing. Then it happened, traction the relax and….”Snap”. I don’t reprimand the old girl, she provided me plenty of warning.

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When your vehicle hood won’t pop, shot the following:

Have a helper push on the hood when the hood release take care of is pulled.Use a lengthy screwdriver to reach up native below and pop the latch.

A stuck hood is a actual pain in the ass without a doubt, however we’ll obtain it figured out. In this post, we’ll sheathe assessing the problem and also opening the hood with as small fuss as possible.


Step Two:

Remove the release handle and also use pliers or angry grips to traction the cable till the hood pops.

Cable Fault

Symptom: You’re pulling the cable, the take care of stays in the pulled-out position and also has no resistance. If this seems choose your problem, follow the procedures below:

Tools necessary – jack, axle stands, light and also a lengthy screwdriver, or similar.

Step One:

Gain access to the underside the the car. You may need to eliminate splash covers.

Step Two:

Using a light, find the latch trigger. Most likely you’ll view the cable attached come it.

Step Three:

Find a means to press on the latch trigger using your lengthy screwdriver. This is walking to it is in a an obstacle but it’s doable, my reminder – obtain comfortable and you’ll succeed.

Caution – I never ever depend top top a jack, Please always use axle stand to support the car.

You can check out all the tools I use consisting of workshop manuals right here on the Mechanics tools page.

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Hood mr up however won’t open? The hood safety catch hinge is sticking. Spray it with WD40 and allow it time to penetrate. Once open lube the hood latch and also safety catch with white lithium grease.