Here room a few helpful tips to present DIYers just how to measure up a kitchen sink

Selecting a kitchen sink may seem on its challenge a an easy decision. But once you get to the allude of picking a sink, things have the right to quickly come to be more complex if friend don’t know just how to measure up a kitchen sink. What are your preferences as soon as it concerns functionality, what functioned with previous sinks, and also what no work? when it comes to the design template of her kitchen, execute you have actually a style you’re trying come capture, or room you just buying a sink? These have to all be component of the decision, however the very first step – determine sink size and also mounting option.

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If she replacing her kitchen sink or working within an present design, then your cabinet or sink dimension has already been determined. If you just beginning your project, your very first step is to specify your room size. Why is this important? due to the fact that your cabinet size is the one element of your decision the cannot be readjusted and your alternatives are restricted to a sink that will fit in ~ your obtainable space.

Let’s start with a basic question. Are you replacing a sink, choosing a sink to finalize your renovation task or brand-new build, or space you just in the beginning stages the considering a remodeling project?

Replacing a Sink

In this scenario, cabinet size isn’t a factor. Why? due to the fact that your countertop was reduced to match a specific sink size. In this case, you must measure your existing sink to determine the length, width, and also depth that your present sink. Picking a smaller sized or bigger sink no an option.

Now you need to determine if your existing sink is one under-mount or top-mount sink. Visually examine your countertop, is her countertop exposed, or is the pickled in salt of the kitchen sink sitting on top. If your countertop is exposed, you have an under-mount sink.

Use inside measurements to find a sink with comparable measurements.

Ensure you place your measuring tape in ~ the optimal of the sink and measure the size (side come side), width (front to back), and also depth (from the center of the basin to the height of the sink). Length and also width dimensions must be centered on the sides and also front or back, respectively. Nothing forget to measure up depth, together your existing plumbing will identify the depth of her sink.

One essential feature come note throughout this process is the position of the drain on your present sink. Because that example, if the drain hole is centered, girlfriend should pick a instead of sink through a centered drain hole, or friend will need to modify your plumbing.

With your measurements in hand, you’re prepared to start shopping.

Selecting a Sink for her Renovation or Remodel

If you’re working with a contractor, then they can quickly administer you with the dimension of her cabinet. If she a weekend warrior or functioning on your first do-it-yourself project, then you’ll have actually to an episode the measuring the ice cream to discover out your cabinet size. You can do this through locating your kitchen sink basic cabinet, measuring from the back to the front edge to obtain depth. Currently you can measure from side to next to uncover the length. Plumbing is a an important factor here, together it will assist determine the depth of her sink. Remember, conventional sinks will be centered, with the countertop on all sides of her sink, so you can’t use the full depth, leave part room. Typical cabinet size tends to variety between 24, 27, 30, 33, and 36 inches. Once you have established the size of your cabinet, friend now have the first criteria for starting your process of picking your next sink.

Starting a Renovation/Remodel Project

In this case, you can choose the kitchen sink that you like best and ensure the your contractor draft the kitchen sink base cabinet to accommodate your preferred sink.

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Time to begin Shopping

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