What perform you do when you go to bake Grandma’s delicious biscuits and also you don’t have a range to measure up the ingredients? Any mistake can mean a gastronomic tragedy, therefore you should know exactly how to measure up grams without a scale.

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Yes, as you read it. There are several proven techniques that allow you to calculate the grams of an ingredient without making use of a scale.

Take keep in mind of the methods for you come calculate weight without a scale, with various other utensils you have at home.

Basic considerations because that calculating there is no a scale


To calculation the load without a scale, some indispensable kitchen tools are used, such as spoons, cups and also even glasses.

It is essential to be afflicted with in mind the – back the measuring object is the same – the quantities are different, together they count on the texture and consistency of each ingredient.

Measuring grams v a dessert spoon


When confronted with the must calculate the load of liquids, without a scale, one choice is to usage a dessert spoon.

A dessert spoon, favor the one we all have at home, is identical to 5 millilitres. In the situation of less dense liquids, such together olive oil, one spoon is same to 4 millilitres.

Youcan also calculate the weight of powdered foodstuffs , such together flour, icing sugar, yeast, cocoa powder. In this case, one dessert spoon is identical to 3 grams of powdered ingredient.

If you have to calculate, there is no a scale, the lot of products such as sugar, salt, jams or butter, you should calculate the one dessert spoon of these ingredients weighs about 5 grams.

Soup spoon? This is just how you can measure grams there is no a scale


One soup spoon is equivalent to 3 teaspoons . That is as such easier to calculation 100 grams of rice or 100 grams that sugar with a soup spoon.

In the situation of fluid ingredients, one soup spoon is indistinguishable to between 10 and also 12 millilitres, relying on the density.

On the various other hand, the grams the powdered foods items vary . A soup spoon that flour is 12 grams, a spoon the icing sugar is 5 grams, a spoon that cocoa powder is 8 grams and starch is 8 grams.

A tablespoon the butter is 15 grams, when a tablespoon of honey or jam is 20 grams.


Calculate grams v a glass that water

Medium sized glasses for serving water have their capacities significant on the bottom that the glass. However, in most models they have a capacity of 180 millilitres.

In the case, measure grams without a scale of liquid ingredients is really simple. The capacity of the glass will be her guide.

When you desire to recognize the weight of rice or sugar without a scale, calculate the each glass that water weighs 180 grams of these ingredients.

You can additionally use it to measure up 40 grams and also 130 grams if you usage flour.

Measuring quantities with coffee cups


Coffee cups are additionally a good alternative for measuring quantities without a scale.

One cup that coffee is indistinguishable to 60 millilitres that liquid and 50 millilitres that oil.

A cup of coffee for weighing sugar, salt and also rice is equivalent to 60 grams. A cup of coffee with flour equals 35 grams.

Calculate grams v a cup


Another alternative for measuring there is no a scale is the cups. A huge glass contains 250 millilitres of any liquid ingredient.

A flour cup is equivalent to 140 grams and a starch cup come 120 grams.

In the instance of brief dough – no issue what form of dough – a cup is about 80grams.

When measuring grains, that is essential to note that one cup is tantamount to 220 grams.

Finally, a cup of sugar or salt has a weight of 200 grams.

Measuring through handfuls: Grandma’s method


Your hands space also good tools for calculating the weight of ingredients without a scale.

A grasp of quick pasta is identical to 40 grams, while a grasp of spaghetti is 80 grams.

For rice and other grains, a handful is equivalent come 45 grams. A grasp of any type of flour is 30 grams.

Quantities when measuring there is no a scale


The best thing you have the right to do, as soon as measuring ingredients without a scale, is to create your table through the amounts of each ingredient follow to the utensil provided to measure.

This way, girlfriend won’t need to stop the cooking procedure of the recipe to watch for part measure of one ingredient that is missing.


7 grams: one teaspoon

30 grams: one tablespoon

45 grams: a handful

60 grams: a cup that coffee

180 grams: a glass that water

220 grams: one glass

1/4 kilo: 2 huge cups


3 grams: one teaspoon

12 grams: one tablespoon

25 grams: one large spoonful

30 grams: a handful

35 grams: a cup the coffee

130 grams: a glass that water

140 grams: one glass

Sugar and Salt

3 grams: one teaspoon

10 grams: a soup spoon

60 grams: a cup the coffee

180 grams: a glass the water

200 grams: one glass


5 grams: one teaspoon

15 grams of butter: one tablespoon

30 grams: one large spoonful

100 grams: one cup


The juice that one lemon is indistinguishable to 3 tablespoons


10 grams of grated cheese is indistinguishable to a full tablespoon

Products for measuring grams there is no a scale


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