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Coming from a women who wears dimension 13 shoes, I fully understand how having actually larger feet can wreck her confidence. Mine younger me hated my huge feet so lot it would make me upset at times.

I to be constantly on the hunt because that shoe formats that make big feet look smaller so I might feel better about mine appearance.

I hated the I just couldn’t walk into a store and also be assured I can walk out through shoes the fit. Ns hated the all the cute formats didn’t go previous a size 9 or 10. And I for sure hated as soon as friends or household with smaller feet would shot to invalidate my struggles.

I realize currently that i’m older exactly how trivial this issue is. Of course it’s one inconvenience and it sucks, and I wish my feet to be smaller. Yet I have actually learned come accept and live with the points I can’t change. In the grand system of things, your foot size does no matter.

And the great thing is, there space so countless retailers these days that sell great shoes in larger sizes it’s simply much simpler to uncover shoes the fit.


First let me it is in clear… huge feet room nothing to be ashamed of!

I’m absolutely not composing this to try and make ladies feel favor they need to be awkward of the dimension of your feet and that it’s just acceptable to wear shoes that make their feet show up smaller.

If you feeling confident and also like the pair of shoes you wear, that cares what other world think.

Plus, if ns being fully honest – the dimension of other peoples feet is not something ns pay much attention to. Ns instantly notification things favor face, height, hair, etc.. However feet? no really.

Usually your imperfections are greatly exaggerated in your own mind. I never ever used to think it when world told me this as soon as I to be younger, however now ns am beginning to actually understand this concept more.

But every the lecturing in the civilization generally won’t readjust your (current) mind around something, So, if friend are very self-conscious that this, over there are numerous tips you have the right to keep in psychic while shopping that will really help.

Will wearing shoes that are too small make your feet smaller?

First that all, let me work out a myth that is how amazing common. Wearing smaller sized shoes will certainly NOT make her feet smaller. The length and also width of her foot is mostly as result of genetics, therefore wearing shoes that room too small is not sufficient to change that.

If anything, it may make your feet appear ever so slightly smaller due to the fact that the shoe size is smaller, however it i will not ~ make sufficient of a difference for anyone to really notice.

And the aftermath of law this aren’t worth it in ~ all. It can reason many difficulties with your feet like ingrown toenails, bunions, bruising, and severe foot pain.

Simply opting for a few styles that can aid downplay the size of her feet is a much far better alternative.

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Shoe styles that’ll make your feet show up smaller than they really are

#1. Look because that shoes with more rounded toes

Rounded toe pair of shoes can assist downplay the dimension of your feet quite significantly. You’ll notification that most of the examples within this blog article include rounded toes shoes.

However shoes that have actually pointed toes will have a the majority of unused an are in the front of the foot, therefore they make your whole foot show up longer than it really is.

Shoes through pointed toes make her feet watch a many longer. Picture credit:
almond toe shoes

There’s also in-between formats like almond toed shoes the aren’t quite rounded but likewise not pointed. These are referred to as almond shape because they resemble the almond nut. Selecting this style may work also if girlfriend dislike the look at of rounded toes.

#2. Choose shoes with contrasting colors/patterns

Shoes that have contrasting color or are broken up by a various pattern have the right to also assist your feet look at shorter. This is a visual trick of the brain. The multi-coloring will certainly break up the foot and shorten the as whole appearance.

SOREL Cameron Wedge Sandal
Anne Klein sports Trista Wedge

This have the right to be applied to any shoe – sandals, tennis shoes, even boots. I love brand-new Balance since they fit well and also I’ve constantly noticed they aid make mine feet to look smaller. They do women’s shoes in up to a dimension 12 and many of your men’s shoes additionally work well together a women’s style. If you have large feet, lock a an excellent brand to check.

This same principle can additionally be stated for shoes that encompass accents like huge buckles, flowers, or bling. However huge accents on shoes isn’t everyone’s style, therefore a simpler method to carry out this is v the difference colors or patterns.

#3. Wear wedges or chunkier heels

Wearing heels puts your foot in ~ an angle, which provides them appear much shorter than they really are. Opting because that chunkier or wedge styles helps to balance out the foot, whereas really pointy heels deserve to have the opposite effect.

You don’t need to wear 5 customs wedges because that this cheat to work though. Even just an added inch or two deserve to make a difference.

However, wearing heels all the moment is not good for her feet. It can cause ankle injuries, arthritis, worsen present foot problems, and even cause chronic knee and ago pain.

If you choose wearing heels, balance it out by wearing much more comfortable footwear the majority of the time.

#4. Pick tennis shoes with mesh/flexible material

When picking athletic format shoes (tennis shoes/sneakers) those v flexible material have the right to really help make her feet seem smaller. This is really basic to find because athletic pair of shoes are often made v mesh product these days.

I have actually tennis shoes just like these women’s new Balance fresh Foam. I deserve to attest they make my women’s dimension 13 feet look an ext normal.

Well, since my feet room so large I actually very own this nearly identical men’s version. They’re brand-new Balance, which as I talked around earlier is among my favorite brands because that athletic shoes.

#5. Stay darker or mute colors

Dark colors prefer black will certainly make feet look smaller, as with wearing black clothing make her body watch slimmer. Combining this with added tips, for example, black color tennis shoes the are additionally mesh style, can be extra effective.

But shoes don’t need to be black in bespeak to assist with this! any darker or muted color can occupational in the very same way. Because that example, a dark vs. Vivid blue as you view in the photos below.

This can additionally be applied to mute or darker pinks, purples, greens, or any kind of other color.

#6. Avoid completely flat sandals that expose a lot of skin

Now personally, ns don’t monitor this tip and wear flat sandals (especially flip flops) regularly in the summer or for special occasions. I simply really like them!

Of food they certainly don’t have to be the Vans brand! I’ve viewed extremely comparable style shoes that were much cheaper at places like Payless, Walmart, and Target.

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The an excellent thing about Vans, however, is the they make a many unisex shoes in as much as a men’s 13/women’s 14.5 (and some styles up come a men’s 16). So if friend have huge feet, castle a great brand to inspect out.

Keep in mind that these no “rules” you must follow. This are simply tips to store in mind if you desire to downplay the size of your feet. We’re all enabled to wear what makes us many comfortable!