1. Emphasize your booty by highlightingyour waist.

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Shift dresses and low-rise bottom areyour booty"s worst enemy since they downplaythe difference between the size of her waist, and also the size of your butt andhips. The smaller sized your belt looks, the rounder and an ext bodacious her booty will look by comparison, so gofor pants, skirts, and also dresses that fit snugly in ~ your herbal waist, and pair them with cropped or tucked-in tops and cropped jackets.

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2. Trumpet skirts further emphasize your booty by adding another flare just below your butt.It"s kind of choose stacking two hourglass forms on optimal of each other,and the draws the eye down from the belt to the booty, making you lookcurvier overall. Illustration the eye down choose that is additionally a an excellent way to assist balance the look of a bigger chest v narrower hips and a small butt.

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3. Stretch is your booty"s BFF.Stretch fabrics, in addition to proper tailoring, will permit your clothes to hug andlift her booty, rather than squash that down. And also if friend are in search of a good pair of blue jeans for your butt, you might want to take into consideration a curvy slim jeanover a traditional skinny because that a much more figure-flattering shape.

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4. No flimsy fabrics!Anything make with one of those cheap, drapey fabrics that just sort the hang turn off your target is going to do it look sad. Either go for miscellaneous skintight the hugs her curves height to bottom, or select an A-line silhouette in a towel that is sturdy enough to preserve a clean, continuous line from your waist out to the hem without just going limp.

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5. Usage structured pleats to add serious volume.Make certain the towel is sturdy enough to support the added bulkand whatever you do, no tulip or balloon skirts! They make your target look bigger the same way a diaper renders a baby"s target look bigger, and that"s not sexy. Well, no to most human being anyway.

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6. Much less is an ext (at the very least where length is concerned).The much more leg girlfriend show, the much more the eye is going come be attracted up toward your butt.

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7. Prevent vertical colorblocking, i beg your pardon de-emphasizes your hips and also booty by illustration the eye in and also makesyou look less curvaceous.Horizontal colorblocking, top top the other hand, is an excellent for emphasizing her curves, particularly if the line whereby the two colors fulfill is right below your butt. The visual effect is comparable to put on a trumpet dress (No. 2),without every the poufiness,or a miniskirt (No. 6),without mirroring so much skin.

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