In this write-up we share v you what colors do red. You’re probably curious what 2 colors make red since you’re one of two people trying come mix paint, chalk, make-up, or even play-doh.

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Either way, we will share through you the concept behind mixing colors and also how this have the right to be excellent easily.

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Most the us discover at very early age in elementary college that red is one of the primary colors. Us were taught that Red, Yellow, and also Blue room the primary colors.

And many importantly that a primary shade cannot be created by mixing various other colors. (or deserve to it?)

So in theory, if Red is a primary color we should not have the ability to make it by mixing any two colors.

But in reality, you deserve to make red color!

I recognize it’s a stunner revelation and you’re probably upset through your grade-school teacher because that miseducating you.

Not to worry though together we’re to going come share through you what renders red color. But prior to we carry out that I wanted to share with you a little background on why we were taught this.

RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue) color Model


If girlfriend look at the chart over you will see that if friend mix the color Magenta and Yellow you can make RED!


Here is a video that demonstrates the if girlfriend mix these 2 colors you deserve to make red.

You can additionally make various versions the red, one of two people lighter or darker 보다 true red, by including white or black to your shade palette. What I imply is to make separate color sections and mix them for this reason you have a wide variety of reds to pick from.

This have the right to work for any kind of medium, even if it is you’re trying come mix paint, ink, clay, etc. The theory applies to all.

You can additionally easily check this v colored markers.

Take a yellow marker, and use the to draw a spot of yellow top top a piece of paper. Next, take it a magenta marker, and also color end the yellow patch, and also voila, you have actually red!

As I said before, you deserve to also shot this with paint, clay, or even dye. Just make certain that you have colors that are close to true magenta.

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Whether you’re trying to find out to mix paint, crayons, make-up, or just simply want to educate yourself. Learning just how to make red have the right to be a beneficial piece that knowledge.

Remember following time you’re v a team of friends you can say… “Did you recognize that you have the right to mix color to make red?” or try having a controversy with a 5 year old around mixing colour =)