Everything you must Know about How to make Slime with and without Glue and Borax add to 15 DIY Slime Recipes

I’m writing this article in respect of mine 7-year-old who has actually begged me time and time again to do slime. I get it. That feels cool and messy and experimenting through it is fifty percent of the fun! The point is the there space SO many tutorials and videos online which lead me to study all about it and the different ways do it. That said, the recipes I determined to share are combos that several popular ones plus our experiments through them.

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Be forewarned! This write-up contains mine research consisting of 15 DIY slime recipes!

Initial monitorings from my Slime Research

Use a little bowl to hone in on your favorite recipe. Over there is a many trial and error. Start little with each recipe before you decide to make a large batch.There is lots and also LOTS the mixing and kneading. Your arm will acquire tired and also for old world like me you can get a hand cramp or two. Haha! The crucial is…I noticed that even in the videos, there to be a many trial and also error. It’s around your preference for slime consistency.You can include color to any of this recipes by adding 1 or 2 autumn of food coloring. But through experience we learned the if you shade it and also play through it a lot, your fingers will obtain stained.An alternate to food colour is acrylic handmade paint! Just include a tiny amount and it won’t stain your hands.The consistency of every slime recipe is different. They are not every perfect favor the slime friend buy in ~ a store.Lastly, testing is essential for desired results. Over there isn’t always specific measurement. Because that example, depending upon the cooking recipes you make:Lotion makes it stretchyCorn strength thickens itFoaming body wash renders it fluffyFoaming cut cream renders is fluffy

It’s crucial to keep in mind that there are numerous variations of these recipes. But first…

What’s the attend to Borax?

Wikipedia states that, “borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is crucial boron compound, a mineral, and a salt the boric acid.”

Borax is a gentle irritant, yet generally safe. Indirect contact with Borax because that cleaning is OK however for DIY slime recipes, use caution since it deserve to irritate her skin once using it directly on her skin. For kids using it because that these slime recipes can be dangerous. Because that example, using it and then placing your hands in your mouth can be toxic.

Good Housekeeping has actually an article warning parents about DIY slime making use of Borax after several kids were burned when using it. You re welcome be careful and also use your best judgement!!

How to make Slime with Borax and Glue

Let’s begin out with the recipe making use of borax and also glue. Prefer I said, borax is normally safe, however please make certain you usage adult supervision when making this recipe.

Fluffy Slime Recipe


1 teaspoon borax1 cup of hot waterFoaming body wash or foaming soapWhite glueCornstarchFood color (optional)Lotion (optional)


In a bowl, include 1 teaspoon of borax and 1 cup of warm water. Mix and also dissolve the borax in the water and set it aside. This will certainly be her activator.

In another bowl, pour a half cup adhesive and include a fifty percent cup shaving cream and also mix. Include a half cup foaming body wash or foaming soap and mix. Add one tablespoon that cornstarch come thicken the mixture and mix part more. If desired, include 2 pumps of odor to make it stretcher. Include color if you want by mixing in 1 or 2 fall of food coloring.

Lastly, add 3 teaspoons that borax mixture and also mix and knead. If it is too sticky include another small amount the borax and knead it till you obtain the preferred consistency.


DIY Slime Recipes there is no Borax or Glue

I had no idea there to be so countless recipes to do slime without making use of borax and glue. In fact, you have the right to make your very own slime using continuous household ingredients prefer soap, toothpaste, and yogurt. I even saw a recipe because that making slime v Styrofoam. Yup. Styrofoam. Crazy! Let’s start with some easy ones.

One Ingredient Slime Recipes

Yes. You can make slime with just one ingredient! Crazy! right here are two.

1 Ingredient cooking recipes #1: Soap

The brand Soft Soap seems to work-related well. All you need to do is pump the preferred amount of Soft Soap in a bowl and also leave in freezer for around 5 minutes. Take it it out and play v it! we tested it through a small amount and it worked! The point with this one, is it will just last a short time.

1 Ingredient recipe #2: Gel/Paste Toothpaste Combo

Squirt a gel/paste combo toothpaste favor Aquafresh right into a bowl. Mix it until the gel and paste is combined. Location it in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds. It will certainly be hot. The will also look pasty. When it is cool enough to touch but still warm, knead it.

Two Ingredient Slime Recipes

2 Ingredient recipe #1: Facemask Slime

To do facemask slime, the facemask ingredients must contain Polyvinyl Alcohol. Ar the preferred amount in a bowl and mix. Add around three tablespoons of clear laundry detergent (or contact lens solution, or water) and mix. Include 1 autumn of color if desired. Mix and also mix some more! once it is special enough, placed it in container and will come to be clear in 2 days.

2 Ingredient recipe #2: Flour & Water

This one reminds me of as soon as I made playdough as a kid around 35 years ago! every you need is flour and also water and also of course food color if you want color however that’s optional. Every you do is mix flour and water in a bowl till you with the wanted consistency. That’s it!

2 Ingredient recipe #3: Yogurt & Cornstarch

For this recipe use 2 heaping teaspoons yogurt without fruit in a bowl. Color and also mix until it is blended. Include 3 heaping teaspoons corn starch and mix. Then include 2 much more teaspoons cornstarch and mix. When it is thick sufficient knead it v your hands.

2 Ingredient recipe #4: Soda & Metamucil

Any type of soda will work for this recipe. Pour about a cup right into a key and include 2 heaping teaspoons that Metamucil. Mix her heart out. Place it in microwave for 30 seconds and also mix in 30 2nd cycles, be careful because it it s okay hot! Cool in for 10 seconds.

2 Ingredient recipe #5: Shampoo & cut Cream

Use a shampoo and body wash combo because that this one and shaving cream. Mix lock in bowl. Next, include a pinch the salt and mix again. Frozen it for about 15 minutes.

2 Ingredient recipe #6: Playdough & Lotion

Place fresh playdough in a bowl and also add about 5 pumps of lotion to a consistent sized Playdough have the right to to start. This one is messy at first because it’s ideal to simply knead it through your hands. Don’t placed too much lotion or the playdough will clump apart. This slime is thicker in consistency than constant slime.

2 Ingredient recipe #7: Shampoo & Cornstarch

Add 2.5 tablespoons that cornstarch and 1 tablespoon of shampoo and also mix. Add another fifty percent tablespoon of shampoo and mix, mix, mix, and knead. This one gets messy. Knead till you obtain the slime consistency.

2 Ingredient cooking recipes #8: Shampoo & body Wash

Mix and combine 2 tablespoons the 3-1 shampoo and 1 tablespoon of human body wash. Mix and also knead until you get the right consistency.

Other easy DIY Slime Recipes

These next three recipes have slight variations. They are likewise mainly two ingredients but with table salt. With these, you usage a tiny dash that salt to rate up the thickening process.

Recipe #1:

Mix equal parts of gel toothpaste and a special shampoo choose Head and also Shoulders. Mix, mix, and also mix again. If that is as well liquid add a little amount of shampoo and also mix, mix, mix till solid. Include a dash the salt, mix, and then freeze for 5-10 minutes.

Recipe #2:

Use fifty percent and half gel shampoo and thick shampoo prefer Head and Shoulders because that this one. Slowly add more Head and also Shoulders and also mix. Add a dash of salt and also mix. Freeze because that 5-10 minutes.

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Recipe #3:

Again, usage a special shampoo favor Head and Shoulders and also mix through equal parts shower gel. Mix and add a dash the salt and mix part more. Slowly add a little an ext shower gel and also mix. Put it in the freezer because that 5-10 minutes. Take it it out and knead it and then put ago in the freezer because that 5 an ext minutes.

DIY Edible Slime

I conserved the finest for last! Slime you have the right to eat! friend will need a bag that Marshmallows and Nutella. The proportion is 3 marshmallows per tablespoon that Nutella. Microwave a key of marshmallows and also remove. Mix in the Nutella. As soon as it is combined wait 10-15 minutes and knead and also then eat and enjoy!

OK… one bonus recipe and also in ours opinion, THE best one!

The best Slime recipe EVER

This one we tested a couple of times and also it really works, PLUS it lasts a long time! If kept in an airtight container it’ll last for over a year!!


Tide fluid laundry detergentElmer’s glue


After testing, Tide and Elmer’s seemed to it is in the brand that job-related the best. We placed about a half bottle the glue right into a bowl. You can use white or clear or glitter. Next, slowly include the wash detergent. Girlfriend will watch it thicken immediately. Mix your heart out! That’s it!

To color it include one fall of food coloring or a tiny dab of craft paint. Come thicken it use a tiny amount the corn starch. To do it fluffy, add shaving cream!