When girlfriend think about slime, you can think about the green stuff Nickelodeon used to dump on kids and also celebrities top top television. What you could not think around is the gooey DIY toy that has actually taken the net by storm.

The appeal of DIY slime originates from being a kid-friendly “science experiment” you can do at residence with day-to-day items. Right here are part fun tasks to try!

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Why is anyone Obsessed with Slime?

If you find #slime top top Instagram, you’ll see virtually 13 million posts depicting colorful, glittery slime, it is much more fun and viscous than Nickelodeon’s! The American Chemical society even jumped ~ above the bandwagon with scientific research experiments for kids to shot when make slime. Slime-makers have capitalized on this trend through YouTube, Instagram, and also Etsy accounts totally committed to making slime.

Take YouTuber Karina Garcia pictured to the right, for example. V over 9 million subscribers, she provides as lot as $200,000 a month from sponsorships on her slime cooking recipes videos.


I started my YouTube channel in 2012 however became an ext serious around making videos in 2015. In ~ first, I began off making DIY videos and also then began to experiment with slime. My an initial slime video was inspired by a Pinterest recipe and also I placed a funny twist come it. The an answer was therefore wonderful that it urged to make much more fun, over-the-top videos. I well-known that slime to be a hit after the an initial video. 

I constantly wanted to do a product of mine own. Ns continuously questioned this dream v friends and also family year ago. Whether it was slime, a DIY kit or a toy, my dream native the start was always having a hands-on product. So, when the chance came, the very first thing that involved mind was slime since it had come to be such a huge part of mine life. Now Craft City has end up being a slime and crafting empire. We market a ton of different assets for children to be inspired and also make their very own creations.”

-Karina Garcia

How to make Slime utilizing Promotional Products


You probably think make slime is a messy and hectic process, however it is fun and easy! One essential thing to keep in mind is that slime recipes frequently don’t have measurements, so get ready to experiment to discover a mixture that you find particularly satisfying.

Below you’ll find 4 renowned recipes utilizing promotional products including hand sanitizer, lip balm, sunscreen, and hand lotion.

How to do Slime at house With Hand Sanitizer

If you have a travel dimension hand sanitizer lied around, or maybe simply a little bit left in the container at home, you deserve to use that to do slime! To make this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients:


• Hand sanitizer • Lip balm • Baking Soda • glue • small bowl or key • little mixing tool

Step 1


Add hand sanitizer come the mixing bowl.

Step 2


Add lip balm and also mash in with hand sanitizer.

Step 3 (Optional)


If desired, include food coloring to the mixture.

Step 4

Add adhesive to the mixture.

Step 5

Add baking soda come the slime and also mix thoroughly. The baking soda will assist to thicken the mixture.

Step 6

Enjoy the perfect product!

Tip: Aloe Vera-based or alcohol-free hand sanitizer will work best.

How to do Slime at home With Lip Balm

Believe it or not, you deserve to use lip balm to do slime! because that this recipe, you can use any type of kind the wax-based lip enjoyment you have actually available, together with the complying with ingredients:

• Lip balm • glue • tiny bowl or plate • small mixing device

Step 1

Add lip enjoyment to the mixing bowl and mash through your mix tool.

Step 2

Add adhesive to the mashed-up lip balm. We supplied blue glitter adhesive to give our slime color! The an ext glue you add the bigger her slime will certainly be.

Step 3

Sprinkle baking soda and mix to acquire the last product.

Tip: Add much more lip enjoyment to the mixture if that is tho sticky.

How to do Slime at house With Sunscreen

Do you have expired sunscreen or travel size bottles left over from vacation? usage them to do slime! First, you’ll require the adhering to materials:

• Sunscreen • Corn strength • glue • little bowl or plate • tiny mixing device

Step 1

Add sunscreen to the mixing bowl.

Step 2

Sprinkle corn starch till the mixture becomes thick and also paste-like.

Step 3

Add adhesive to the mixture. The more glue girlfriend add, the more slime you will do it have!

Step 4 (Optional)

Add food coloring to color your slime to whatever color you want. We provided green and yellow colour to acquire a bright green slime.

Step 5

Mix her slime together for the perfect product!

Tip: Add shaving cream to do the slime fluffier.

How to do Slime at home With Lotion

Leftover lotion or lotion samples can be provided to make slime using just one other ingredient! prior to you begin, gather the following materials:

• lotion • glue • All-purpose flour • tiny bowl or bowl • tiny mixing tool

Step 1

Add scent to mixing bowl.

Step 2

Add flour and glue to the mixture.

Step 3

Add food color if desired, and mix extensively for the finished slime!

Tip: let the slime sit in a covered container for 2 hours and also it will rise and become even fluffier!

What are Some Tips because that Making Slime?

Making slime can be a process of trial and also error, yet that’s component of the fun! always have extra ingredients in instance it doesn’t turn out appropriate the first time. If she a first time slime machine or a veteran feather for brand-new recipes, you’ll uncover the complying with tips to it is in slime-savers (literally)!

crucial Takeaway: Making slime is all about experimentation. Since there are no specific measurements, you deserve to add an ext of each ingredient to gain your slime to the consistency you want!

Why You have to Make Slime through Promotional Products

DIY slime have the right to be made in seemingly unlimited ways, but you canuse promotional products for simple recipes that your kids, students, or camp-goerswill love! If you’ve discovered yourself v a box of unused promotional items likelip enjoyment or hand sanitizer, you can use the extras as ingredients because that DIY slime.

Tip: Create goodie bags with every one of the ingredients essential to do a slime recipe v a advancement product!

Whether she a continue to be at residence mom, a teacher, or running akid-friendly event, you can make slime v promotional commodities to acquire yourkids engaged and also excited!

Embark on your slime making adventure with leftover promotional products! You can be surprised by the concoctions you can come up with. Promotional commodities are the perfect size for personalized slime to store kids, students, or camp-goers entertained.


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