Minecraft, the timeless classic of the sandbox genre, offers limitless possibilities in regards to player creations. Within the countless ideas to architecture up your buildings or structures, vibrant dyes space a wonderful way come spruce up the look of your interior and also exterior world. Dyes room craftable items that deserve to be used to change the color of assorted blocks, objects, or also mobs. One delightful shade to usage for decorating in Minecraft is the beloved pink pigment. Like other dyes, there space several methods to craft pink dye. This guide aims to teach you just how to make pink dye in Minecraft using the appropriate ingredients or combinations of materials.

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How to make Pink Dye in Minecraft 


To handmade pink dye in Minecraft, friend will need to discover a Pink Tulip or Peony shrub within the Overworld. They’re reasonably easy to recognize with your pink-colored blossoms. Conversely, girlfriend can incorporate a red and white dye to likewise make pink dye in Minecraft.

To discover Peony, store an eye out for a shrub with huge pink flowers. Peonies can be uncovered in a variety of woodland biomes. Tulips naturally prosper in a variety of colors, including red, orange, white, and also pink. You can find Pink Tulips farming in levels (grasslands biomes) and flower forest biomes.

On the various other hand, girlfriend can also craft pink dye in Minecraft by combining red dye and also white dye. If friend can’t find white dye, you have the right to use Bone Meal as an alternative. 

There are several means to discover red dye in Minecraft. First, you have the right to use Beetroots, i beg your pardon are uncovered in both desert and also forest village farms. Red Tulips, similar to Pink Tulips, deserve to be harvest from flower forest and also plains biomes. You can also use increased Bushes which thrive in the woodland biome. Finally, the last way to craft red dye is by using Poppies, which deserve to be derived by one of two people finding them in grassy biomes or defeating a golem.

In contrast, there are just two means to do white dye. In forest biomes, girlfriend can discover Lilies of the Valley, white, bell-shaped flowers that can be crafted right into white dye. Alternatively, Bone Meal have the right to be made by crushing the bones of skeletons in Minecraft, which method you may have to fight enemy mobs for this resource.

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After collecting white and red dye, integrate them together in the crafting food selection to successfully make pink dye!

Minecraft is obtainable on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and also iOS.