Opening her favorite party of pond polish only to discover out the the lacquer is now dry, sticky, and impossible to use is disastrous (ask any nail enthusiast, and also they’ll tell girlfriend the same.) that is especially a bummer once there is an ext than half of the polish still left within the bottle. What a finish waste the product, right? Well, the good news is, there’s a straightforward fix for this problem. We’re going to aid you revive your old nail polish and also make the as great as new. You have the right to thank us later!

How To fix Thick, Goopy nail Polish

Thick nail polish has uneven consistency. Here’s exactly how to thin out pond polish the has obtained thick, clumpy, and impossible come apply. These techniques are a good fix for restoring the initial consistency of your polish.

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Method 1: shot A pond Lacquer Thinner

Try A nail Lacquer thinner - thin Out pond PolishTry A nail Lacquer diluent - thin Out nail Polish
Using a experienced nail lacquer diluent is the best method to reclaim your old pond polish. Here’s what you have to do: usage an eyedropper to to water 2-3 drops of thinner right into the nail polish. Then, screw the cap back on and also roll the bottle between the palms of your hands come mix the 2 together. Check the consistency – if it operation smoothly native the brush, that is all set to use. If that does not, add some an ext drops that thinner and also test it out again.

If your nail polish is a gel formula, use a thinner that is specially designed for gel nail polish. You can uncover these thinners in most beauty stores.

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Method 2: warm Water Fix

Hot Water solve - thin Out pond PolishHot Water deal with - slim Out nail Polish

If you space out of nail lacquer thinner, here’s just how you have the right to thin out pond polish with things you already have at home.

Immerse your party of dry nail polish in a key filled with hot water. Leave the party in the water for around 3 minutes. Then, gently role the bottle back and forth in between your palms to shake the polishing in it. This an approach also help loosen the lid of a hard-to-open pond polish bottle.

Note: as the glass bottle deserve to get really hot, manage it with care and also caution. If the polishing still does not reach the desired consistency, repeat the process for a couple of more minutes.

One drop Of Pure Acetone - slim Out pond PolishOne drop Of Pure Acetone - slim Out nail Polish
You can also use pure acetone together a last will if you run out of pond polish thinner. The an essential is to just use one autumn of acetone together any an ext than that will failure the pond polish and lessen that is lifespan.

Worried the your favorite nail color is starting to harden? By complying with the simple tips given below, you can prevent your nail polish from getting thick and clumpy altogether. Check them out!

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How To save Your pond Polish From transforming Goopy

Store your nail polish in a cool, dry place that maintains a constant temperature (like a drawer).Never keep your polishing close come a resource of warm or in straight sunlight.Avoid save your pond polish in the bathroom together the temperature is continuous fluctuating in there, and also humidity is your pond polish’s #1 enemy.Store her bottles the right way by maintaining them upright. If you keep them upside under or ~ above the side (please don’t throw them haphazardly in a drawer), it will reason clumps in the formula and also drying in ~ the neck the the bottle.Don’t leaving the lid turn off for longer than necessary. Exposing your pond polish to air is one of the height reasons for the thickening of your polish.

Finally, every little thing has one expiration date, and if your nail polish beginning to gain too sludgy, it’s time you component ways v it. Most nail polishes critical for 2 years, yet their formula starts to failure a couple of months before that. So, if it just won’t blend no issue what friend do, the time come toss the out.

That was our take on just how to slim out nail polish. What carry out you commonly do once your pond polish dries up? allow us recognize in the comments ar below.

Frequently inquiry Questions

Can you use rubbing alcohol to thin out nail polish?

Yes, you have the right to use 2 come 3 drops of rubbing alcohol (91% alcohol) come thin out your nail polish.

Can pond polish be thinned v remover?

No. Return this might seem like a fast solution, this an approach will failure your pond polish’s formula. The polishing will begin to crack after a pair of uses.

Can you usage hydrogen peroxide to slim out nail polish?

No. Hydrogen peroxide have the right to be useful in removing your pond polish when you run out of remover, but it’s no the many ideal ingredient because that thinning out your polish.

Are acetone and also thinner the same?

No. While acetone acts as a dehydrator to remove the nail polish from her nails, a diluent acts as a solvent and also replaces the ingredient that have actually evaporated end time. They likewise have different chemical compositions.

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