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If friend love Funnel Cake, you have to make this Easy Funnel Cake recipe! make with only 4 ingredients, this is the finest recipe ever. Peak the fried deliciousness with powdered sugar, whipped cream or make it a important decadent treat with vanilla ice cream cream.


Easy Funnel Cake Recipe

If girlfriend love funnel cake as lot as me, this is going to come to be you brand-new favorite treat. Now you have the right to have the same an excellent taste the a county fair funnel cake in you very own kitchen.

How lengthy is Funnel Cake Batter good For

This funnel cake from pancake mix have the right to be make a day or 2 in advance. After work 2, the pancake batter will not puff up and also taste together good. I like to use the funnel cake batter ideal away.


Does The finest Funnel Cake Recipe have to Be Fried

You do want to fry it to have the ideal funnel cakes in ~ home. If many world think you need to deep fry the funnel cake, and this is the easiest method to fried food the it, you can pan fried food it as well. Use a deep frying pan if you room not utilizing a need fryer.

Does This Taste like the county Fair Funnel Cake Recipe

This tastes similar to the funnel cake you gain at the county fair. Ns remember gaining them as soon as we would certainly go come the fair or would walk down the board walk. When making it in ~ home, I required it to have actually the same impressive flavor as the ar Fair.



Get the complete list that ingredients, through measurements, and also step-by-step directions at the bottom that the article in the printable recipe card.

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Complete Pancake MixWaterSugarVanilla ExtractOilPowdered Sugar

How to make Funnel Cake Recipe v Pancake Mix

Add your dry ingredients together finish pancake mix and sugar, through the wet ingredients, the water, and vanilla every together right into a huge bowl and whisk.

Mix well and also until batter is nice and also smooth v no clumps.

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Heat the oil till it is hot enough to fried food the funnel cake.

Add the batter right into a funnel and move batter come a squeeze party or bag to to water into hot oil. Be very careful as soon as pouring the batter so it does not cause the oil to splash.

Fry until gold brown and also then flip. (About a minute or so on every side. A bit longer if making larger ones).