In this tutorial, you"ll learn just how to do flint and also steel in Minecraft!Minecraft flint and steel is an item to irradiate blocks top top fire, ignite TNT, or to activate a Nether portal.

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How To make Flint & Steel video clip Tutorial

In the listed below video, watch together we display you exactly how to make a flint and steel using the Minecraft flint and also steel cooking recipes plus how to use it in the game.
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Available Platforms

EditionPlatformAvailableJava EditionWindows, Mac & Linux PC"sYesBedrock EditionXbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, home windows 10 PC"sYesEducation EditionMac, iOs 12, home windows 10 PC"sYesPlayStation EditionPlayStation 3 & 4Yes

Materials needed To make Flint and Steel

1 steel ingot1 Flint

Steps To do Minecraft Flint and Steel

1. Open up Your make Menu

To craft flint and also steel, you an initial need to open up your crafting food selection in Minecraft. You should see the same grid as in the picture below.

2. Include The iron Ingot and also Flint come The Menu

In the make table, include the 1 stole ingot and 1 flint come the grid.You must include the steel ingot and flint to the grid precisely as shown in the photo below. In the 2nd row place the flint in the middle box. In the third row ar the stole ingot in the 3rd box. This is the Minecraft flint and steel recipe.

After you"ve added the items come the crafting grid as described above, you"ll notice the flint and also steel in the box on the right.

3. Relocate The Flint and Steel To your Inventory

Now, just drag the flint and also steel under to her inventory for this reason you have the right to use it.

And that"s it! girlfriend now have actually flint and also steel! Minecraft flint and steel is an object used to start a fire ~ above blocks, ignite TNT, or come activate a Nether portal.

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Minecraft Flint and also Steel Command

You can also use a offer Command to make flint and steel in Minecraft. The flint and also steel command is accessible in the complying with editions:Java EditionPocket EditionXbox OneNintendo SwitchWindows 10 EditionEducation EditionTo operation the flint and steel command in Minecraft, open up your chat window and get in the command below depending ~ above the version you have.

Java execution 1.13 and also higher

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