Cyan Dye is used to include cyan color to glass, wool, terracotta, concrete powder, banner and also shulker box. To make a Cyan Dye friend will require Cactus, Lapis Lazuli and Cactus environment-friendly Dye. Please monitor the complying with steps to make a Cyan Dye.


In bespeak to make a cyan dye, the simple item you will have actually to discover is cactus. You can uncover cactus blocks in desert biomes and take at least one block that cactus. 

Lapis Lazuli

After the you will have to discover lapis lazuli gemstone. You should find and get at least one lapis lazuli stone. Use your stole pickaxe to acquire it. 

Cactus green Dye

After collecting a cactus block, you need to use the heating system to make a cactus green dye. Head in the direction of the furnace and add a cactus block in the upper box and also coal in the lower box, girlfriend will obtain a cactus environment-friendly dye in the right-side box of the furnace. Add this eco-friendly dye in your “ready to use” stock.

Cyan Dye

Now relocate towards the make table to craft cyan dye. Include lapis lazuli gemstone and also cactus eco-friendly dye in nearby cells of any row or shaft of 3*3 make grid. You will obtain cyan water in the right-side crate of the do table. Bring these into your “ready to use” stock. 

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