Books and Quills space items offered to turn books into created books, which players read as well as use them to trade v villagers.To make a Book and Quill, girlfriend will require Sugarcane, Cow Leather, Paper, Book, Chicken Feather and Squid for Ink Sac. You re welcome follow the complying with steps to do a Book and Quill. 

Sugar cane 

In stimulate to do a book, the straightforward item that you will need to find and also get is sugar cane. Sugarcane have the right to be discovered on grass blocks near the financial institutions of rivers. You require to acquire at least three pieces of sugarcane. 

Cow Leather 

After the you have to discover cows and also get leathers native them. Girlfriend will should kill castle to obtain at the very least one leather. Go in the direction of the areas to find and kill them. 


Now usage the crafting table to craft paper. Open up 3*3 crafting net and add three sugarcanes in any type of row, one sugarcane in each cell that the row. Friend will obtain three files in the right-side crate of the make table. Include these records in her “ready come use” stock. You can use documents to do books. 


Now add three papers and also a cow animal leather in 3*3 crafting grid in the same means as displayed in the complying with image. Friend will acquire a book in the right-side crate of the make table. Add this book in her “ready come use” stock.

Chicken Feather 

After that the next compelled item is chicken feather. Discover a chicken to obtain a feather. Girlfriend may discover some chicken wandering in the fields. 

Squid for Ink Sac 

The next thing friend will require to find is octopus sacs. Girlfriend will have to find and kill squid to obtain ink sac. Look because that a octopus under the ocean and use your iron sword to kill one. Friend will have to obtain at least one octopus sac. 

Book and Quill 

Now relocate out of the water and go in the direction of the make table to craft a book and also quill. Open up up 3*3 crafting net to include book, ink sac and chicken feather in the same means as displayed in the photo below. Girlfriend will obtain a book and quill in the right-side box of the do table. Include this item right into “ready to use” stock. 

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