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My kid wanted a WWE wrestling bed. I couldn"t uncover one ~ above the internet so I collection out to do my own. I had no clue just how I to be going to do it yet I was established to do him happy. After ns posted his reaction ~ above YouTube I acquired a the majority of requests asking exactly how I made it. So, here it is!



Cut 4 PVC pipes equal lengths. For this bed they were apx 4 feet tall. Ns made certain the diameter the the PVC pipes was big enough come fit over the existing bed posts. Peak the PVC write-ups with PVC caps. On slide the PVC posts over the edge of the bed poles. Drill 3 holes same lengths apart under each pipe whereby you want the ropes to go. You will certainly install eye hooks in this holes so make certain the feet drilled is the diameter essential for the eye hooks girlfriend have.

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Cut extra 2x2 support strips for under the mattress. Reduced 2x8 board (not pictured) and screw them between the basic of the 2 front and also 2 back legs. I had to carry out this step to secure the write-ups since the assistance of the headboards were now gone to stop the posts from bowing in when the ropes were put on.


Screw eye bolts in every the holes drilled Before. Ns used small springs (turnbuckles were too lengthy for a pair bed) and hooked them come the eyebolt. Include a metal ring ~ above the other end to run the rope through.

Double over the rope v the first ring and tape with each other well. Operation the rope with the other rings all the means around the bed. Repeat this because that the various other 2 ropes.

Once the rope is all the means around ice cream it to one finish of a turnbuckle and hook the other end as shown. This allows tightening of the ropes and also makes it less complicated to take down the front ropes if wanted.

Trim overfill rope. Cover every the ropes through pipe insulation and also tape about each one with electrical tape. **THIS IS A have to TO aid AVOID CHOKING/STRANGLING HAZARDS**. This step provides the ropes much less bendable, type of like a "super duty" pool noodle wrapped in tape. If you shot to bending it, it "pops" ago straight again to avoid any kind of entanglement.

Cover the corner springs with pipe insulation also to prevent any type of "pinching of fingers". Add an awesome wall graphic too!

I cut rectangular pieces out that a mattress pad to use as padding for the turnbuckle covers and also used vinyl cloth to covering the pads. (The mattress pad was lot cheaper 보다 buying foam pieces)Fold the vinyl about the padding and also put eyelets on each corner for the strings come run with to affix them to the posts.

I painted this emblem in the facility of a level white fitted sheet to give the mattress the look at of an main ring. I supplied a bunk bed board rather of a crate spring to save the mattress low. If girlfriend don"t have a bunk bed plank you deserve to use a huge 1 customs board (cut to fit) under the optimal mattress.

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Add a steel trash can (perfect toy storage!) small black commentator table (for homework), steps, small ladder and also a black color bed skirt.

I’m decorating my tiny brothers room into a wwe theme and also would love to do this bed. Execute you remember what size the eyebolts and springs to be ? He has a pair bed additionally

I don’t remember the exact size. I just picked out some that I assumed would look right. Just make sure you drill the holes for eye bolts slightly smaller sized than the size you pick so lock screw in tightly.