The art of tattooing has been approximately for centuries and also has had plenty of different uses, including social identification, body art and also self-expression and creating a subculture the artists every its own. Countless individuals opt to develop their own tattoo guns from a couple of household items and give us a tattoo.

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Things You"ll Need:

file Sony Walkman Motor guitar String squid Pen pipe Toothbrush Pencil Eraser tape
take it the tiny pointy finish of the smallest gauge guitar string and also bend it. The shape must be similar to a 7 or an L.

Grab a Bic-style pen and also remove the octopus from the tube. Take a file and rub it across the round in the brass guideline of the pen till it mister out. Take it a knife or a really sharp pair the scissors and cut the north pen tube down to 3 customs in length.

Take your scissors and cut off all of the nylon bristles native a plastic toothbrush. Chop the plastic toothbrush down to a 4-inch piece. Grab a lighter and also use that to heat up the center of the toothbrush and also make the bendable. Take it the plastic and also bend it into the form of a 7.

Remove the motor from an old Sony Walkman. Eliminate the eraser indigenous a number 2 pencil and also slide it on the shaft of the Walkman motor. Usage your tape to attach the engine to the toothbrush.

Take the bent end of the etc string and also force it v the pencil eraser. The etc string will certainly be a bit off center.

Connect the engine to some kind of strength source. You can either usage the battery pack from the Walkman or plug it straight into the wall surface outlet.

Pour the end a glob the tattoo squid on a folded document towel. Dip the guitar string tip into a glob that tattoo ink. You can purchase this octopus at regional tattoo shops or online. Tattoo ink comes in a selection of colors and also can be blended with various colors for shading and coloring.

Switch the motor of the Walkman come the "On" position. The motor should make the etc string vibrate. Now apply the ink to the skin girlfriend desire come tattoo, drawing the design.

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Remove the guitar string ~ the tattoo architecture is complete. Wrap the string in a file towel, place it in a plastic sandwich bag and also throw it away. Take some rubbing alcohol or various other disinfectant, use some to a file towel and also clean the tattoo gun.


Be aware that tattoos can end up being infected, so be certain to take great care the the ink work once it is perfect by maintaining it clean and covered in vitamin D ointment. Be certain to change the etc string after every use, as reusing the same string can cause infection and also spread diseases.

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