Suction cups room the ideal kept secret when it concerns organizing in tight spaces. The takes only a couple of seconds to put them up and also once castle up, you deserve to truly maximize your wall surface space. 

But yes a catch–they don’t constantly stay put. When suction cups have the right to create additional storage alternatives for you, it’s not worth the initiative if they’re constantly falling down.

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If you’re exhausted of shedding the fight with your suction cups, let us aid you win v some basic advice.

Make certain You’re selecting the best Surface

Some surfaces don’t occupational well for suction cups. Begin with a clean surface, and make certain it’s completely smooth — not rough or textured. Even a small bit that texture have the right to be a deal-breaker. 

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If she counting top top a suction cup come stick come a stormy plaster wall, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It won’t be able to create a tight enough vacuum come seal out the air.

Give every little thing a good Cleaning

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You may solve your problem with this straightforward step. However, if the still doesn’t have actually the suction you believe it should, take her cleaning to the next level. 

Use some white vinegar–or rubbing alcohol come wipe under the wall and the suction cup. That will certainly take care of any greasy or slimy film you can’t see but that could be hurting the suction. 

If you’re walking to hang the cup in a shower, vinegar will be simply fine, but if you’re functioning on a painted wall, you could want to check the vinegar in a small area come make certain it doesn’t influence the paint. 

Use some Water

A little bit of water can do marvels for an enhancing a suction cup’s grip. Using warmth water, to wash the whole cup for this reason it softens it up.

Shake the fall of water turn off the cup quickly and also then placed it up on the wall. The can regularly do the trick. 

Watch the Temperature

If you’re placing up a suction cup on her car window to connect a general practitioners unit or other else, don’t carry out it in cold temperatures. This deserve to hinder the cup’s flexibility. Girlfriend won’t acquire as good of a latch as you will certainly in warmer weather. 

Wait because that the temperature to reach at the very least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to put it increase in chillier weather, run the defrost on the hottest setting to make sure your window is a little bit warmer. And also keep the suction cup as warm as possible until you put it up.

Be Realistic

Avoid hanging increase anything breakable v a suction cup. And, if you’re trying to usage it to host up something relatively heavy, it can not work. 

For more heavier items, you might want to usage 3M Command strips or a similar easy-to-apply strip, or stick v nails, screws, or anchors. 

Now the you’ve earned her masters in suction cup-o-logy, check out these options worth sticking with: vivid & heavy Duty, resilient Designs, an effective & Lightweight.

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