Due to the outcome of my poll top top twitter,I’ll it is in making a UGC hat tutorial in Blender! You deserve to follow through making your very own UGC hat,but ok be creating a Coronavirus mask, to encourage everyone continuing to be safe!

Warning: okay be making use of Blender 2.82, therefore there may be differences to your software application

I’m using AlreadyPro’s pack Character plugin to fill a character by that username.By right clicking the character in the explorer, and clicking “export selection”, you deserve to specify where you desire the .obj of your character to be saved.

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Importing our CharacterIn Blender, go to record > income > Wavefront (.obj) and also select the .obj which friend exported.


After that, we’ll delete the all the body parts except the head, together we’re do a hat and only must head to design on.

We execute this by choosing the body components we want to delete, and pressing “X”. In the video clip I additionally press“Alt + G” while choosing the head to center it.

Modelling the Coronavirus MaskWe’ll start by including a cube because that the basic of our mask, relocating it and also scaling it come fit around around the mouth of ours character.

To make the cube into a shape closer come a mask, we’ll usage a Subdivision surface modifier come smooth it.Next, we’ll scale it on the Y-axis to make it flatter and then scale it up slightly to cover the mouth.I also made that is shading smooth.
After that, we’ll include a loop cut in the middle and also select the edges to pull them back. This will certainly make the mask bend roughly the face.
We’ll then range the edges under on the Z-axis, and scale increase the central loop cut on the Z-axis, to make our mask right into a an ext oval-like shape.
We’ll then create a horizontal loop cut and also drag that down, climate pull out the central vertex, to make the mask less flat and more rounded.
To do the band approximately the head i beg your pardon holds the mask, i selected an leaf ring the the character’s head, copied it and also separated it together a different object.
We’ll then add a skin modifier, to do the sheet ring thicker come resemble a band. V the skin modifier, if we push “Ctrl + A” we can regulate the thickness by relocating our mouse.
Finally to end up off ours model, fine isolate the band by pushing “/” and select the front 2 vertices and also using proportional modifying drag them down, to make the band seem choose it’s drooping.

Texturing the Coronavirus MaskNow that time to texture our mask!First, fine prepare our model by applying the modifiers, removing the materials and also joining the different objects v “Ctrl + J”. We likewise no much longer need the head, therefore we deserve to delete the by choosing it and also pressing “X”.

The triangle (tris) counting of our version is at this time slightly end the UGC border of 4k. No to worry, we have the right to reduce ours triangle count easily with a straightforward modifier referred to as “Decimate”. This modifier modifies our mask to reduce vertices and therefore triangles. You have the right to see in the video how i drag down the slider to minimize the triangle count displayed in the bottom the the screen. This i will not ~ have any visible result on your model unless friend are considerably reducing its quantity of vertices. We also apply this modifier prior to our structure painting.
We’ll then split our screen, v one half on the UV Editor. Then in edit mode, by pressing “U” and then “Smart UV Project”, we can quickly UV unwrap our model. In the UV window, we then go toImage > new and we name and save an image. This photo is what we’ll repaint our texture on for our model. Also, make certain to do photo > conserve As so you don’t shed the photo you paint on.
Next, we’ll develop a new material because that our mask. Include an “Image Texture”, select the structure you created and also plug it into the basic Colour. This will permit us to paint on our model.
Then, we can switch to the “Texture Paint” workspace to start our painting. We’ll first go into edit mode, press “L” if hovering over the mask to only select it, climate go out of edit mode and also press “M”.This makes just our an option affected, because of this we have the right to use the fill tool to only fill the mask for our irradiate grey colour.

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You can texture her UGC yet you like, I used the “Line” stroke technique and the draw brush to draw lines to represent wrinkles in the mask.