You trip far past your typical stomping grounds searching for a swamp and also slime. You dismount from her horse and slither into the marshes. Eventually, you emerge with slimeballs in hand, however your horse is i do not have anything to it is in found. We display you just how to make a lead in Minecraft so your favorite mountain doesn’t leaving you stranded.

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Technically, leader (or leashes) aren’t certain to horses. You can use a lead with any passive “mob,” or mobile creature, for this reason you can keep sheep, cats, dogs, and more in examine using a lead. Litter in a fencepost and also you deserve to tie up any mob wherever your Minecraft journey takes you.

To learn just how to do a fence (and associated post), check out ours guide. For other horse-related guides, inspect out this articles:

What you need


String – friend need four of these to make 2 leads. They’re to reduce by fallen spiders, discovered in chests, and also crafted in the crafting Table using one cobweb.


Slimeball – You require one of these to make a lead. They’re reduce by fallen slimes, which girlfriend can discover bouncing approximately in the dark within Swampland biomes. Here we merely produced a slime farm yard to watch them grow and dance throughout the water like bouncy pool floats.


A equine (or some other passive mob) – horses are commonly found in herds of 2 to six eating grass in Plains and Savanna biomes. A horse doesn’t have to be domesticated to use a lead. Again, you can leash any passive mob, but we chose to use a steed for this particular guide.

Craft a lead


You’ll need to insert the ingredients right into the crafting grid precisely as shown. Note that the pattern creates a weird arrow that points come the height left corner of her screen.

Step 1: open up your make Table.

Step 2: place one string every in the top and also middle square in the left column.

Step 3: location one string right into the peak square in the center column.

Step 4: ar one slimeball into the middle square in the center column.

Step 5: place one string right into the bottom square in the appropriate column.

Step 6: traction the resulting two leads down right into your inventory.

Step 7: Repeat these steps for added leads.

Use a lead


Tethering a mob is quick and also easy.

Step 1: traction the lead from her inventory down into the Hotbar and also select it.

Step 3: to leash your mob, do the following:

PC – Right-click top top the mob.Console – Target the mob and also press the left cause button.Mobile – Tap on the mob.

Tie a bring about a fence


With one end of the lead connected to the mob and also the other finish in your hand (selected), execute the following:

PC – Right-click ~ above the fence.Console – Target the fence and press the left cause button.Mobile – Tap on the fence.

Alternatively, if you’re much away indigenous a bed and you don’t want your horse wandering roughly your existing location, you can constantly plant a fencepost and tether her mount.


Remove a lead

With one end of the lead connected to the mob and also the other end in your hand (selected), carry out the following:

PC – Right-click ~ above the mob.Console – Target the mob and press the left trigger button.Mobile – Tap top top the mob.

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The lead drops to the ground like any other items drop.